No 2 Dress

I have heard through good duty rumour that the No2 Dress is set to change soon, can anyone clarify this? (Jon) If so does anyone have any pictures of the proposed design?

I do hope it is made up of pretty colours, nice bell bottoms and shiny buttons :) The khaki is a bit drab!
Apparently it is going to change. The rationale being that HMG saves money with a more 'common' (i.e. pan Army) version. Apparently there is a very good chance that No.1 Dress will also be binned.


Cheers Jon, just as well with the No 1 dress, I think I must have been one of the few RMP never to have owned a set.
I very much doubt No 1's will be binned as such, just they won't invest in anymore and as usual we will have to pull on ill fitting flea invested blues first tailored in the 50's

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