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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cattericksmiler, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. Hey Everybody,
    Appolgies for this not being in the ACF Section but I thought that you could better help me. I am currently a member of a Royal Corps of Signals ACF Detachment (as well as being a PO).

    I am currently in the process of butting together a set of No. 2s to wear on cermonial occassions and when I eventually complete my Gold D of E. I understand that the Corps has it's own Black Belt which is worn with the No. 2s and I was wondering if you knew of anywhere at RSS (am off on another course there in Aug - hopefully) where I could buy one of these and also a Corps Cap if possible.

    Many Thanks,

    Smiler :)
  2. We used to be issued the Black Belt when we were at the apprentices colledge Harrogate, Since then i've only worn the issue belt (Brand new, new buckles of course). My Peak Cap was withdrawn from my 1157 ages ago when i tried to exchange it - i've worn my beret ever since. I think they are back under issue though.

    I've got a fitting for new 2's on wednesday, after spending the majority of last year eating in Italian and Brit cookhouses, i may just sign out a 9x9 and tailor it to fit the belt.

    The black belt isnt standard issue, so go with the issue belt. I'll get back to you about a peak cap, i may have one knocking about. You might need to get someone to exchange it for you, its probably been under a ton of kit for 10 years.

  3. lol, thanks!!! Could you tell me what type of belt is current issue now then. Problem being that No. 2s aren't issued to the Cadet Forces and thus I will probably find it very hard to exchange anything. My best hope is that somewhere at RHQ would sell it, but from memory I cannot remember anything like that in the Museum Shop from my last visit and thus I was just wondering if you knew of anywhere else on Blandford that sold them.

    Do you think the RQMS would consider selling me such items???

    Thanks again for all your help,

    Smiler :)
  4. the garrison tailor at tidworth has the kit for belts sorry don't have number and peaked caps are back in I got new one last year
  5. I doubt they will sell you what you need, the qm's dont run a surplus store!!! You may be able to speak to the qm's in Blandford, expain your situation and they may be able to help you out. Dont speak to the civi's who work in the clothing store, they are, in my humble opinion a bunch of fcuking nazi's, try and speak to someone in the military chain. (I condemn them as nazi's due to the time and hassle they caused simply to get a clearance signature from them last year - if you are reading your an unhelpful bunch of knobbers, and if your civil service rank equivilants meant anything you wouldnt be earning the same wage as a recruit).

    The current issue belt is a web type pattern which came in, i believe, with soldier 95. Its an expense item and is cut off a roll as needed. It goes with issue buckles, also expense.

  6. Ahh is that the white courlene type belt that I have seen???

    Many Thanks

  7. lol, thanks!!! .....................does this mean lots of love ????
  8. No it's a standard green webbing belt. Nothing special of fancy i'm afraid. Even though the black belt does look a hell of a lot smarter
  9. Thanks, just that I had seen somewhere a RS soldier wearing a white version of the Working Belt. Just with White Courlene as apposed to Green.

    So... to confirm RS have done away with the black leather belt and now use the Green Working belt in it's place!!! Am I right??


    Smiler :)

    P.S. Howay_the_lads , I hope you joking!!!
  10. LOL ...He he
  11. But the black belt is still used on occasions as is the white belt. RSA weekend people were wearing black belts. It's all very confusing really.

    If it was me i'd try to get my hands on a black belt, they look smarter.
  12. Well... I will have to see what I can beg borrow and steal from RSS then!!!


    Smiler :)
  13. The white belt is mainly worn for weddings, Black is very rarely worn these days (they belts are hard to get hold of), I would go with the green one. Speak to anyone in Blandford about getting hold of one for you it won't be a problem as they are expense items.
    I have seen quite a few Signals Caps in surplus stores. They are about 15 quid.
  14. thanks but I already have a green working belt!!! Army Surplus stores where??? I have looked believe you me but can't seem to find any!!!


    Smiler :)
  15. Had you tried ebay for your cap? there is quite a few on there, going for about a tenner each.