No 2 Dress Royal Signals

I just got my Number 2's for a wedding im going to and i recived the lanyard but havent the faintist clue how to put it on my Jaket what arm and how to do it so the stringy bit doesnt dangle down. Anybody Help. Its a Royal Signals Lanyard doubt it makes much difference but hey.
The dangly bit is secured under your breast pocket flap. I can't remember which arm it goes on as it is years since I've worn 2's...


You can wear 2's for a wedding, even if your not getting married?

My lanyard's on the left shoulder and it should attach, like already said, to your left breast pocket...
Left shoulder, flappy, dangly bit tucked into your top pocket.(If memory serves) ,((Wrap it around the button a couple of times to stop it coming out)).
It goes on the right arm.

loose end in top right pocket. - wrap around bit of card or button to stop it getting loose.

The arm you wear it on depends on which corps you are with, some wear it on the left, some on the right!

Royal Sigs is a blue lanyard worn on the RIGHT arm.

to get it on correctly hold the braided end with the loop in front of the jacket and slide the thinner end under the eppaulette, round the sleeve and through the hole in the braided end coming from the back of the jacket to the front.

Next attach the thin end loop to the button on the right breast pocket if it will reach or do what most do and attach a bottle opener to the end of the lanyard and tuck it into the top pocket ready for use at the reception :wink:

Finally when you put the jacket on get any loose part of the lanyard and tuck it into the pocket with the bottle opener and then fasten the press stud so the lanyard appears to come out of the side of the pocket flap rather than the bottom edge.

Hope that helps.


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