Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 63SIGS, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Just out of curiosity does anyone know the correct No.2 Dress for 264 Signal Squadron, Now 18 UKSF Signal Regiment. For example.. Blue Lanyard? White Belt? Jimmy Belt buckle or Winged Dagger? etc...Cheers.
  2. Does'nt your QM stores or CoC have these details????
  3. I left 6 years ago... and dont speak to anyone anymore. tbh I haven't come within a mile of ginger fightin suit in over 7 years.
  4. So why the sudden need for this info? You planning on squeezing into your old ginger drinking tracksuit any time soon?
  5. In that case it don't matter then seeing as you won't be wearing it
  6. I appreciate your brief comment, but I have been asked by a mate if I would wear No.2 dress for an official event.. I don't know the remit on this if I did i wouldn't be on here like a numb nuts asking..
  7. The fact is the last time I wore one I was with 216Sigs and I never wore one again after that..
  8. or as you're no longer in, you shouldn't wear it anyway.
  9. Correct...... I shout Walt.
  10. Why would you put a ginger suit on again for an official event if you left 6 years ago??? :oops:
  11. Things have changed since your day. The correct dress is as shown below. Note the SAS insignia attached to every visible surface and medals from every conflict from Waterloo to Afghanistan.


    You can't see it in the photo but he's got para wings on his right sleeve and also on the string vest under his shirt.
  12. I have been out a long time now Regulars 1983 and Reserves - Territorial to 2001. Now I do remember as did go back to CCF for a while and now an Officer with ACF that, there was an exception for Retired Officers, and have seen this as late as 2005/6.

    A retired officer (not certain if rank was a factor) could wear uniform on appropiate occations (any uniform, not just mess dress) They would wear an 'R' on their rank slide to indicate that they were retired.

    I correctly attended my Godson's wedding in 2004 and also two official function in same year (but these were military related), in full RAMC blues with the appropriate R. He was Queens Royal Hussars, so blues were appropriate.

    But this situation required permission to get the "R" from APC and believe was later ammended (unknown on year) that, you were to be in employment within an RO post.

    Finally I mention the Territorial's and CCF becasue the use of the 'R' was quite common in the TA - it was normally ex-regs that wore them (who's regular rank was higher than their TA rank). (Can't quote Reg's or DIN for this procedure.)

    Interested if this is still the modern situation, as yes have seen walting ACF Officers (ok walting maybe innapropriate), who are both Officers married in full 2's or blues, with Cadet honour guards.

    But second godson is married later this year and is wearing full Blues, etc. Doubt I would wear uniform myself, on this occasion possibly innapropriate. But just an interesting thought if the 'R' or retired status still applies? Maybe a subject for a new thread?
  13. Well, the rule of thumb is simple. if you're in, but not serving with 18 Sigs, you DON'T wear the beret. If you're not in, you don't wear the uniform at all. What sort of official function would require you to wear No 2's if you're a civvy?
    BTW, reading through some of your posts, I'm curious that you say your dad was a "Staffy" with 42 Cdo. Interesting..... Royal doesn't have that as a rank. You don't live in Bedworth do you? Haven't just married a woman a bit younger than you? Please tell me you're not called "Roger"?

    Edited to add that I left the scouts in 1983; would I still be allowed to wear that uniform? (They were proper nails - wore green berets and were 'ard. The local Boys Brigade taunted us at their peril.) Same rules apply there. Stop being a prat.
  14. Why? ..... Do you want to impersonate one to become a WALT ?