No.2 Dress Help Required!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shemulie, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Cutting to the chase, I have a bunch of military weddings and functions to attend back in the states over the next 2 months but being TA have nout but my C95s.

    Does anyone know of a good place to either rent or buy full No.2's.. oh yeh and I forgot to mention I'm 6'6"!

    Ontop of that, is anyone ontop of how to wear the bloody things properly, such as white belt, insignia etc etc... the yanks have manuals on all this, why don't we!
  2. ...and what of shoes, shirt, tie etc?
  3. We do have instructions on how to wear uniforms - ask your unit CC or SSM/CSM!
  4. We, in REME, have Corps Instructions and these detail where badges and orders of dress should look like. I am sure majority of Regts Bn's etc will have similar? If not approach a Bespoke Military Tailor as they sew the insignia on for you etc and as for a white belt, shoes, the Number 2 dress rig... DS answers... either a regimental PRI dress agency or EBAY. hope it helps you out and drop my details to a bridesmaid please :p out
  5. You should be able to draw No2's from your Regimental QM. Ours also arrange tailoring and badge adding.

    I believe there are some issues regarding wearing uniform abroad though, even to private weddings. There was a thread in the officers forum about this wrt a wedding in Poland; although this may wellnot apply to the US. (I doubt you'd get any complaints about it in the US anyway!)
  6. Shemulie, don't know if it's changed, but I'm same height and getting no.2s in '88 to do a course was a nightmare - had to come from the Guards in the end, think they do "extra long" or such. Chaps our height are not considered "normal" by the army, i've had bits sewn on the bottom of my DPM trousers for nigh on 20 years - only now do they do long legs!
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No No No!!

    Get Blues - FAR smarter, easier to tailor, and no need for a frankly scruffy and cheap-looking shirt and tie.

    Ask around for No ! Dress (Blues) - there are plenty out there, and they really do look good, especially with the accoutrements (buttons, badges, lanyards, collar dogs, etc) correctly attached.
  8. Although I've had a pretty crap experience of them recently, Hodges and Co in Catterick will hire you some blues for about £60. My mate, who is also very tall, had issues with his tunic. Basically, because he was so skinny and long bodied, Hodges could only provide the trousers. Being a broad shouldered, 5ft 9" sort of bloke, I was a piece of p1ss to fit up for blues so be warned. I don't know if anyone out there knows of anyone else who hires Blues as I really don't want to use this barsteward again!!

    Old Snowy is right though, blues look the absolute 'dogs' when worn correctly so do consider it. If however, you are attending military weddings, then I would ask the groom if he minds you wearing No1's as he might look a bit of a tw@t if he is in his No2 dress hastily purchased off EBay!!
  9. lol, well the groom is US Army. Officers have to buy all their uniforms prior to getting their butter bars (2LT). The groom will be in his dress blues and I suppose I should ask if everyone else will be in Class A's (think No.2) or Dress Blues or Marine/ Air Force equivelent.

    I am, however, currently only a lowly Tom, Pte, dont ask... but I supppose we can still wear No.1s?
  10. Go for the Blues mate! What cap-badge BTW? If it's anything "cavalry" related, their "shaped" trousers are fanny magnets!
  11. On areally good day No 2s look carp unless tailored to fit. No 1s (Blues ) are definitely the go if you want to lok the part. It doesn't matter that you're only??? a pte, we were all there once. If the wedding's in the South where it's warm you might even consider whites.
  12. ??? Whites??? This is reminding me of my El Cid days! Cant say I've ever seen whites for the British Army, or were you referring to US uniforms? To clarify, I'm a British soldier so need the appropriate uniform or somewhere to rent a really long suit and tuxt which I'm not all too keen on, as being a military wedding and uniforms is the request dont want to be the odd kunt out.

    Yes the first event, wedding, is in South Carolina, but being december, will be tending towards the nippy side of things!
  13. Whites ?? Christ do they still issue them ? Yes they are Britsih and look the nads if fitted properly, I just haven't seen anyone wearing them except in pics from the 50's
  14. Hi Mate

    Go for blues and get a set on ebay (though you can pick them up from most surplus stoes). Availability will depend on your regiment or Unit.
    Generally most Royal Regiments (inf or Corps) wear the same pattern Navy Blue Tunic and Trousers with Red piping on Epps and Trousers and Cap Forage. Note trousers strips differ per regiment.
    Shop around on the internet and grab a set then go to your Regt Tailors (or a quality military one) and get them tailored, buttoned and badged.
    Accessories well look on the web for pictures of Soldiers in the same kit or post here and I am sure most will help you out.
    For Gloves and belt try Cadet Direct for new kit or ebay once again.
    Footwear go for a set of Boot Ammo cost you about 50 quid.
    To kit yourself out expect to pay 100 to 150 for the lot.

    Either way good luck but note - get it right nothing worse than someone making a half hearted attempt!


    P.S Of course if you want to go for a uniform you may wear more often go for No2 dress.
    P.P.S Most unit dress regulations are available in the Army Dress Regs and Unit Dress Regulations issued by your RSM there should be copies floating about in your unit somewhere.
  15. Whites - No 3 dress if my memory serves me. I recall it can either be worn as white jacket/white trousers or white jacket with Blues trousers.

    Instead of crunchy ammo boots, you may want to consider George Boots. A lot lighter and more comfortable to wear too!