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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 6517johnson, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. I have just been given my no.2's from AFC harrogate, but alot of other royal signals js do not know how to put the capo badge in, we did ask one of the sgt's but he just said that he was to busy to sort out our sh**.
    can anyone provide a picture or help of how to put the capbadge in?
  2. Line up the elbow of Jimmy's aloft arm with the crease of the two parts of the cap and make sure its central. Using chalk on the three parts of the back of the badge (where the pin goes through) to mark where your holes will go.

    To make the holes there are a few things you can do. Use a knife or a scalpel blade. My prefered method is to use a very hot, flat kebab skewer to burn through the cap and the plastic backing. This seals the holes at the same time.

    Your Sgt should be helping you with this. It is his job if you haven't been shown.

    Are you sorted with your chinstrap?
  3. Officers hat but but will give you an idea.

    Good advice from the Knave.

  4. PD213 (Royal Signals' Dress) is available on the corps bit of Armynet. Page 57 shows you the correct cap badge position. Or just follow the Knave's advice.
  5. Hat picture.

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  6. is this a whah?
  7. It is a No 1 Dress Hat. Might help.
  8. Why would it be you fool?
  9. 6517johnson, couldn't you have waited until Sgt had more time, I think he will be quite aware of when you will need your hat, and more than aware that young soldiers are very resourceful and that he is responsible for everyone turning up with capbadges blu-tacked, selotaped and superglued on.

    Tell him tomorrow morning how you will ask on Arrse every question he doesnt have time to answer.

    Good luck.
  10. If he still fobs you off, pm me his name and i'll give him a call
  11. This is why I gave a comprehensive answer. If young and keen men are asking questions and not getting answers they are likely to do it wrong and then you have the whole Sqn queueing up outside the clothing store to exchange hats with three holes in the wrong place.
  12. He must want it for his wedding he's already planning! (see the other thread he started in the Other Half forum)
  13. The Knave and PapaGolf, my only disagreement with you both is that Arrse should not be showing recruits how to do anything in my opinion. They should be taught. Arrse will have its ex instructors etc, how would either of you feel turning up, and the sprogs have already done something correctly, you didnt show them?
  14. As an instructor, I would be happy to have recruits with initiative who are keen to get things done and done properly.

    I would be upset if I had told them to leave it until I had shown them. How could anyone be upset when people do something correctly without being shown?

    Being at AFC, his Stripey may not be Royal Corps and disintrested in our standards of dress and traditions.
  15. And judging by some SD Caps I have seen recently here in Blandford, education has not happened for years with some people.