No. 2 Cap Chin Strap

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SupaSkin, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. I need a chin strap for a No 2 Dress Cap and ws wondering if anone had one lying around that they would be will to sell(or give :D ).
    Thanks for any replies

    PS. i need it for Rememberance Sunday
  2. The QM should have them. Otherwise find a biff and nick theirs.
  3. First off, its a No1 hat, commonly known as a Forrage Cap or tw*t hat!

    As cable_ties said, go to the QM's you nobber :x
  4. Cadets dont have a QM ffs and i aint no nobber.
    But thanks for your inteligent input. :)
  5. It's don't, and FFS not dont and ffs. Capitalise the I and put another ' in the aint. Double negative on the ain't no! Yes you are really a nobber (what is a nobber by the way?).

    You are obviously thanking him for his inteligent input when you have very little yourself.

    As the man said, it's a Number 1 dress hat, not Number 2. The chin strap normally comes with it. If you are a cadet, what the feck are you doing wearing it if you did not get issued it... tit.
  6. Thanks for the lesson in puctuation and grammer Redshaggydog. To answer you're question; "Nobber" is a village in north County Meath in the Republic of Ireland, but the definition I was referering to can be found at the following link:

    And just to put you straight, the correct spelling of inteligent is intelligent. So if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones! :D
  7. Your welcome, and before I am sentenced, hung drawn and quartered, it was a typo not a spelling mistake.
  8. Yeh! yeh! of course it was mate!! :pc:
  9. And shouldn't there be a comma between hung and drawn? :D
  10. I thought cadet officers got an allowance to purchase their service dress uniforms. If you are not an officer but an instr rather than a cadet then you should be able to get a replacement (though it will have to be paid for - since loss is not fair wear and tear) you should use whatever system you have that acts in lieu of a QM. I know ACFs do have QMs.

    May I suggest if you are desparate, that you go to your nearest regimental clothing shop (regular) they may havea secondhand hat you could buy.
  11. I am definately not your mate. No, no comma required. I don't like the pause.

  12. Do you have the buttons that hold the chin strap in place on your hat, or are you missing them as well?

    If you are a cadet, you could probably get away with not having the chin strap fitted, I doubt anyone would notice, however, if it is for a Remembrance Parade, you will need the buttons fitted in order to wear your poppy.

  13. It's a bitch getting caught out like that, ain't it ?
  14. Did I miss something here? Was I supposed to know he was a cadet?

    Tell you what sunshine, I'll get my chicken bones out next time. :roll:
  15. Oooh! are we tired?

    The gruesome form of torture you referred to is actually three separate acts, so therefore should include a comma to break up each. And if I wanted to be **** about it, the correct name is hanged, drawn and quartered. :shaking: