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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by northern_one, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to bother you guys but i'm after some information.

    I am getting married and am trying to source some no1's. I have recently been told by a certain QM type at a well known AAC base that because I am a JNCO I am not entitled to wear No1's.
    Firstly is this true?? or is QM type just leading me up a garden path?

    Secondly, when my SQ's dog enquired she was told that although they had no1's from the guys who did queens duties, they didnt have any in my size. I'm 6 ft 4. I also find this hard to believe as my SQ who is the same size as me was on queens duties.

    I hardly surprises me that the AAC would take this stance so I have all but given up on sourcing them through the AAC, SO does anybody know, without buying a set where i could hire or borrow from another unit a set of No1's. I will travel to pick up and Drop off. I am currently based at Dishforth. All the help on this would be much appreciated as going through army channels is like banging my head agains the wall at the moment.
  2. Well we get to wear them in the Cav. I think he might be talking out of his arse mate.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I'm stab infantry, and i wore no 1's earlier this year for my wedding. I got mine from the military tailor in arborfield, which might be quite a distance to travel! They are available though...
  4. get the phone number for your BOWO he will know where to get you a set to use just try to catch him when he's not too busy to get a helpfull reply.
  5. You can get married in No1s regardless of rank. Someone once told me that you can also wear the tapes of 1 rank above your current rank, although I've no idea if it's true?
  6. No, it's only one rank above if you are a Private. Years ago you could not get married as a private in the military.
  7. Oh I see, that makes more sense.
  8. Every JNCO AAC at ATR(W) wears them your QM is obviously a bellsniff
  9. They only wear them (entitled) because the instructors should be dressed the same as the inspecting officer, therefore a requirement to be issued for the period of posting.
  10. Glover and Riding rent No1s and there is a guy in Cattrick by Tescos who I think might.

    Anyone can where them my unit now has a set for every soldier in Bn for London Brigbe Pardre incase the Queens dies!
  11. Have you tried your corp Band, or the Band based at Cattertrick they can only say no.

    In days of yore we used to loan our 'blues' out for weddings.

    It' worth a try
  12. A friend of a friend recently got married in Mess Dress.

    Surely, this is not correct protocol?

    Anyone have any comments on this?
  13. It's his mess dress and if he wanted to wear it for his wedding then no one is going to get a cock stand over it, although I agree No1 dress is probably more suitable.

    Quis Separabit
  14. Try this link;

    The AAC has an authorised pool of 20.

    Why not try and get people on your side and write to the CO (via the Adj of course) and ask permission to wear them! Also, there are a glut of swords knocking around the system. One of our AGC Ptes got married a few weeks back and it was no problem to source 8 swords for the wedding.