Discussion in 'Aviation' started by northern_one, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to bother you guys but i'm after some information.

    I am getting married and am trying to source some no1's. I have recently been told by a certain QM type at a well known AAC base that because I am a JNCO I am not entitled to wear No1's.
    Firstly is this true?? or is QM type just leading me up a garden path?

    Secondly, when my SQ's dog enquired she was told that although they had no1's from the guys who did queens duties, they didnt have any in my size. I'm 6 ft 4. I also find this hard to believe as my SQ who is the same size as me was on queens duties.

    I hardly surprises me that the AAC would take this stance so I have all but given up on sourcing them through the AAC, SO does anybody know, without buying a set where i could hire or borrow from another unit a set of No1's. I will travel to pick up and Drop off. I am currently based at Dishforth. All the help on this would be much appreciated as going through army channels is like banging my head agains the wall at the moment.
  2. Rent some from a tailors mate.

    search on google!

    or try wallop qm's im sure they hold a set number there?
  3. They have at least 30 brand new sets at Middle Wallop i'm led to believe. However there is one small problem...the QM is an arrse!
  4. the qm in question was the one you reffered to. Tried wallop got the big f**k off pill
  5. That will be the well liked bloke in the entire Corps............or B!
  6. You can hire Blues from the tailor at Tidworth. He will sort out all the buttons, medals and accoutrements etc; not very expensive either.