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No. 1s

My friend is getting married this winter and has asked me to be part of his guard of honour? The whole concept is new to me and he suggested I dawn my No. 1s for the occasion again all new to me. Being TA (Sigs) we aren't issued nor should require No. 1s? Is this correct and is there any way of getting a hold of some? Slightly inebriated whilst writing this post so bear with all the questions.


A chap from my TA unit was issued No. 1s about 2 weeks ago for a christening, so yes you can get them.
Speak to one of your officers about it, your PASO is probably your best bet.
I agree with Goku.

I believe that your RHQ may hold some that they do 'loan' on a special occasion. Again speak to your PSAO or PSI about it

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