No. 1s, which set are Roayal Signals? :frustrated:

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by The_Jedi_Who_Is_Bored, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, I have been trying to found out information about No.1's. I know there is various designs but there is a lot that are similar. I think I have found the relavent Jacket but I wanted to make sure on the trousers. I have found blue ones with a 1inch red line down the sides and a 2 inch, is the 2ince one the right one? Any help with this would be excellent, maybe some wesites as a point of reference. Thanks all
  2. I can help you spell Royal Signals.
  3. Aaaa, very helpful, that's why my searches on google were not finding anything, I'll give it another go. Thanjs Interceptor, your my hero
  4. Hi,

    According to this pic on the Purple helmets website. The trews appear to have a 2incher.

    Just be carefull on the jacket, the RA No1 has red piping around the eppaulettes (lol @ mong spelling?). I had to wear RA ones when i got married:

    a, As i didnt submit my application to Blandford 18 months previously, didnt get a letter from both my parents and Arthur (ball set 3) didnt pick my 6 numbers.

    b, They also didnt do 'em in fat cnut size :/


  5. Try the Civvy tailors in Bulford, they sorted out my Number 1's. And yes i looked the dogs nadgers. Chicks dig the gear man.
    Number is 01980632904. They had me measured, fitted, and the Kit was at my house ooooooop north in 2 days. Very good service
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    2 inch stripe, trouser bottoms cut diagonally (spurs), history goes back through RE to cavalry engineering.
  7. Look for the R. Signals collar dogs on the jacket.
  8. A word of warning, the RQ at Blandford promised to get me a set for a wedding. Just before the wedding I rang to arrainge collection it became apparent the had let me down badly. I had to attend the wedding in a normal suit and have never really recovered. I cannot shame him because of opsec but his nickname is Lardy.
    Lardy if you read this you hurt me bad. PM me let me know how the sheet and blankets are lol.
  9. speak to 238 they hold a load of sets and are the only squadron to get them issued at public expense they will hold all the info you require. speak to the QM very helpful number available via 192
  10. Get your tape measure out and ask any senior or officer in your unit to let you measure the stripes on their mess kit - they are the same.