No 1s NSNs.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have the NSNs for the No 1 jacket and trousers we wear? There are a nuber of different ones in JSP 768. I'm trying to put together a consolodated list of NSNs for our uniform.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Your days must fly by! This sounds like a CQMS type job. I wonder if we should recruit them from within the Corps?

    Someone should start a thread on this.
  3. Try speaking very nicely to the Corps RSM. he has a large number of them in storage at chicksands and, for a bottle of port, might send someone down from Sy Ply to write the numbers down for you :)

    i've got a second hand set if you have a 72" waist?
  4. The NSN differs with the size of the uniform. Visit your local friendly Storeman and ask an expert!
  5. FNUSNU,

    What have you heard? Do we need to start bulling boots or something?
  6. We've got a few visits and ceremonies comming up and I though it would be handy to have the NSNs as I'm sure they will come in handy. The numbers all start the same and it's the last part that dictates the size. In the JSP there are number 1s that are green, never seen them before, maybe they would be better suited to our corps!
    (Perevodchik, don't worry, I'm sure Phil the Greek has many years left in him yet!!)
  7. Joint Service Publication = JSP, therefore those 'green' No. 1s will be for the Royal Marines - their Lovats. You can't just wear what you fancy - a certain gent from the NE will bust a blood vessel!!! Are you TA or something?
  8. Just being facisious! Thought the Blues were the RMs no 1s and Lovat dress was their No 2s?
  9. Ha!! Easy for you to say. Any talk of blues brings me out in a cold sweat. Us ex-Scaley types are the only ones who can slow march!! ;-)
  10. Many years ago, I commented to a Thoroughbred colleague that it would have looked much smarter if we had carried out series of Left Forms, rather than just wheeling round. At which point he informed me that he didn't know what a Left Form was. On explaining how the manoeuvre was carried out, he followed up with: "You would know how to do that, because the Signals do proper drill." :thumright:
  11. What's Drill?, let alone slow marching!
  12. we did left forms etc on our passing out parade in 91. but then, we had a very keen drill-pig or two on the staff. AT - if you're still in, you know who you are :)

    it was quite surprising really, as the drillpig in question was away for the first 7 weeks of our basic training. so we did not even learn to salute until we had been in the Army two months. instead we had to say "i'm sorry sir, i have not been taught to salute yet"!!! not that there were many officers around Ashford, so that didn't get tiresome at all. was glad to have been a STAB and at least knew how to chuck one up :)
  13. STAB? Please clarify.
  14. Stupid TA B*stard