No 10 response to Grays Lane petition

Where you as underwhelmed as I was at the Government's response?

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Did anyone else who signed the petition and get an automated email linking to the Government's response feel as underwhelmed as I did at Des Browne's comment:

On 2 August 2007 Mole Valley District Council granted permission for the planning application MO/2007/0863 that had been submitted by the Soldiers Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)(new window) Forces Help. The application was for a change of use of a house in Grays Lane, Ashtead, Surrey, in order to provide accommodation for families visiting injured relatives at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court which is nearby.

On behalf of the Government, the Defence Secretary, Des Browne, welcomed the Council's decision and commented that "We are delighted that Mole Valley District Council recently granted permission for SSAFA's proposed development. The Government will continue to work together with SSAFA to make best use of this new facility."
Thanks for all you support there Gord. Glad to know New Liarbour are still keeping up their end of the "Covenant".
They wouldn't have known fcuk all about it if it wasn't for the stirling work that started on this site. Fcuking hypocrites.

I tried to fit a few more fcuks into that but ran out of steam!


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This gobment did precisely fcuk all on behalf of SAFFA during the Greys Lane issue, to the point of refusing to allow ministers to coment either one way or another, and most MP's refused to comment either.

'The Gobment will continue to work with SAFFA'!!!! Like fcuk it will, and even if they do, it will only be to ensure that it is SAFFA that uses its charity funding for work that the gobment refuses to pay for.

fcuking hypocritical, lying, cheating, lazy, commie, scum, filth. Don't misunderstand me on this, I don't like the fcukers.
kennys-go-nad said:
Gremlin said:
The Government will continue to work together with SSAFA to make best use of this new facility."
By providing a steady stream of new victims??

What a self opinionated tosser!

Then look what the Government do to support SSAFA at the same time.
As JD pointed out, Fcuking hypocrites

I translate this a little differently.

"The Government will allow charities to support our troops so that we may be removed from the responsibilities of a caring government and allow the good citizens of the UK to dig into their own pockets to fund such worth while causes" :x
Yet more toss from a disgusting spinless government.
Though to be fair for just one minute, let's not forget the stirling work that Chris Grayling MP did with his mates down at the Golf Club to kill the issue with silence, not to mention his vociferous complaints of "you mis-quoted me" in the leaflet "what I meant to say was...ummmm....ermmmm...."


My mother opened the email this afternoon.

She thought 'oh an email from downing street, very nice!'
After reading it her words were, and i quote :
'The lousy, dirty, evil, squirming sh*tbags'

...Not bad for a 67 year old church goer !!
How will the Govt continue working with SSAFA by actually giving SSAFA the money for Grays Lane, a facility they should have had operational in the first place? I WANT THAT ELECTION. I WANT THIS GOVT GONE.
I'm still looking for the sentence that reads:

The Government has decided that the provision of short term accommodation for distant-living families of service personnel rehabilitating from serious injuries sustained as a direct result of Government policy is far too important to be left to a charity.
Has anyone found it yet?

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