No 10 announces review of military medals

Discussion in 'Medals' started by EScotia, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. I hope it's to stop the shameful flogging of DJMs on ******* e bay. The horrible *****. They should be made to refund the cost.

    I hated that.

    And I hope I'm up for another, six is such a lonely number; for a hobbyist.
  2. Oh bollocks! I guess I'll have to give themall back.
  3. What's the betting it will be back to medals for the troops and crosses for the officers?

    As an aside, one of my ex wife's great uncles was awarded a MM in WW1 and his old trout of a wife used to object to his wearing it on ANZAC day as it showed that he was not a "gentleman" and had not come from the "officer classes"; true dit.
  4. Ooh, NDM here we come.
  5. The review was announced back in April.

    Why is it news today? Somebody resurrected it to appease the 3500 who've just been pinged for a bit of door stewarding at the National Sports Day
  6. There was a time when medals were the preserve of the Head of State: this smacks to me of politicios unable to resist chep dabbling [again] in matters deserving of more serious consideration than you'll get from a man with a fixation on the latest MORI poll.

    Besides, who'd want their dad to be a posthumous "CallMeDave Cross" winner?

    I'm afraid I have run out of patience with the shallow poshboy poser. He's a spiv, like B'Liar.
  7. I suspect that the cost driven boy wonder, David "I'll give them ***** ******* Covenant" Cameron was impressed by the; paper,fablon and cheap korean Christmas tree decor award system favoured by the bloke who bought all our Brens/LMGs.


    I'm of to print myself a V.C..............
  8. .
  9. I love that the photo used is for a group that the holder is selling!
  10. God no, please, won't somebody please think of the endless threads?
  11. "including the 5 year rule; double medalling; risk and rigour and the HD Committee process. "

    I am guessing this means a tiered system...cooks, storemen and the like out in Bastion get a really fancy medal with sequines and glitter whilst those up front and personnal with the Terry Taliban get a bit of ribbon and a chocolate coin.

    I can't wait for my glitter!
  12. Probably the right answer as I've belive the review has already been completed and sent to the PM.
  13. And I assume that the end result was that there is no point changing anything.
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  14. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Slightly off at a tangent here...

    Now I know that adjoining clasps are a nightmare to mount - but surely they could have done a better job of mounting these...?

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