No. 1 Uniform Hire

My brother is getting married and has asked me to be his best man.

Delighted, says I, but he wants me to be in dress 1s.

Coming from a military family, everyone else there is going to be shined up to the nines and I'd be quite happy to join them, but I've no idea where to hire some from or indeed if it's possible.

Anybody have any ideas? Help would be appreciated.
One eBay seller is flogging a tunic, another has the trousers. Total less than £12 plus postage. Perhaps they'll fit?


Hire from Glover & Riding in Aldershot/Bulford at approx £100 for weekend, including alterations, rank medal ribbons etc.
Hi, Robbo9.

Why wouldn't they be ?

I'm TA, and I regularly wear 1's for ceremonials.

Best Regards,

Hi Robbo9,

No Worries, :)

(perhaps that came across a little sharp, tone is difficult to judge in e-mails)

I am issued them, but then I do a lot of ceremonials, maybe 25 or more a year.

Best Regards,

Thanks for all the info, gents. I am snufling a number of suggested leads that may deliver some.

Much obliged :)


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Many Regt/Corps have officer's shops that hire out blues. The kit they have is usually stuff thats been left there by retired types so you take pot luck on size, but they are a bllody site cheaper than commercial companies. Your PSAO should have the gen on this.
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