No.1 Hat

Anyone have any idea where I can get an Officer's No. 1 Hat (PWRR) in time for next Sunday? All the usual sources (Gieves etc) want 6 weeks to make one.
Try RHQ in Canterbury... They have a selection of various uniforms and bits & pieces for sale. I got my No2 dress that way (used to belong to a Lt Col), as well as No 1 cap and Sam Browne.
I forgot to add that the cap and Sam Browne cost me £50, considering that the cap costs £160 plus the badge, not too bad...
Avoid Herbert Johnsons at all costs !!!

I ordered my No1 Cap and it took 7 months to arrive ( the first one they sent had incorrect colours).

Bizarrely, they seem to have no idea about military head dress and my guess is that the hats are no longer made in this country.

This firm seems quite good.
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