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Discussion in 'REME' started by REMEbeertoken, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Right, i know this ones been done before and I have read the threads but please bear with me.

    I'm getting married in August in Scotland and I'm looking for some where to rent No 1 dress.

    My main problem is that the Bn, in their wisdom, decided I would like to stay in Canada till August which will leave me with maybe a week to get a Uniform. I don't really have time to travel to Aldershot, get measured up and all that fun, so does anyone know a place in scotland where I could get No1 dress ?
  2. Get a set made from them out of Soldier mag, phone/email your measurements, sorted. Costs abit but who gives a shit. Worth the money if you want to look smart.
  3. Where in Scotland?
  4. Just get a set from Michael J Tailors.

    I left it last minute for my wedding. Phoned em up, they already had my measurements because I got my mess dress from em. Think I paid about £400 and had it a week later. Then just pay £30 a month.

  5. Stirling
  6. Michael Jay Tailors that's the one, I used them and they were pretty good. Cost me £400 for a set of ones.
  7. Feck me, £400? Surely a call to the Tailors in Arborfield with your sizes and even a taxi down and back would be less than £400!
  8. Michael Jays are a bunch of tossers...FACT. Most of our camp won't use them for that above reason, amongst others.

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  9. Never had a problem with em, mess dress and number ones and several mess shirt replacements. Always on time, good quality, fair price n I paid peanuts a month.
  10. When I got hitched in Germany, I had a local tailor take the appropriate measurements, sent them to the Corps dress agency and hired a jacket that fitted quite well. It cost about £50.
    I didn't bother when I got un-hitched.