No 1 dress ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by md1251, May 25, 2009.

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  1. I am a TA REME soldier who is getting married in no1 dress this year. Has anyone got any info on where i can find them as my unit does not have any
  2. Contact the tailor at Arborfield Garrison, he rents sets out, you probably need to get over there to get measured up, check your PM's for his number.
  3. To get anything other than the (very good) advice ref the Corps dress agency, it may help you get offers from individuals if you give your sizes, the unit you are with & its location etc.
  4. Are you a mong? My guess is "yes"
  5. PA,
    If the answer is yes, what was the question???
  6. Not for the first time in my life I may have missed something here :oops: but I fail to see the reason for your slagging :?

    I will not be the only one who has his own set of No 1's which I have lent out on a number of occasions, but find it difficult to offer if I don't know what size people are looking for or how far away they are :wink:

    Do I stop trying to help others or just sit back and wait for more pearls of wisdom from PA 8O
  7. Why didn't you say that you had a set that you may lend out if it fits. Instead of asking him to post unit details on a website.

    Perhaps you could have PM'd him?
  8. anybody know contact to get blues for parade. Kit agency in Arborfield only rents out but need to get some for soldiers in unit conducting official duty. pm details if posible.
  9. Bought mine from Micheal Jay tailors from the back of Soldier mag, cost a bit but worth every penny, sized up over the phone they arrived 2 days later awesome service, rented them out to a few blokes after that and then finally sold them, didn't lose to much on them either.

    IMHO if it's for your wedding it's worth the cost to get your own, brand new and not the faded flea bitten one's from some QM's stinking store.
  10. 1Bn were on the front of the corps journal for the 4 mech bde parade through catterick, all wearing blues. Seem to remember it were Mercian blues, but I could be wrong. I often am.
  11. seen it and will give them a bell on monday to see where they got them from. There must be a place where you can get them on loan for parades. Loan pool ceremonial pool do not list the but I'll try them as well just in case but there is always a wealth of info on these pages so any help, great.
  12. There was a pool of uniforms at Arborfield about 3 years ago, not sure if they still have them. We got them through CSM HQ coy SEAE
  13. Dito, Same as buryfc 66.
    Bought mine a few years ago and can let you borrow them for a small fee if you are 6ft 2 , 38 Waist ,31 inside leg.

    If you want them PM me.
  14. Thanks for the offer but they probably won't fit. looking to acquire officially so will phone Arborfield on Monday.
  15. dont suppose anyone has the number for the tailor at arborfield garrison??