no.1 dress unifom rlc

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sharkie, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. please help me find some kit . i am getting maried in the near future. and i need to get hold of a set of number one dress uniform. were can i get a set. i already have the peak cap and the
    ammo boots are being done to order.
    all i need now is the uniform ie trousers and jacket etc.. belt? gloves??
    as i am currentley in canada, batus until sept, if an email address could be found for who ever i have to talk too?

    also has anyone ever got married in the number ones? any stories? do's and don't?
    cheers for your help
  2. got mine from the tailors in SEME arbrofield, probably not much use to you out there. however i do know that other ranks dont wear peck caps.
  3. Don't do it mate, it's not too late!

    Do they have the Samaritans in Canada??? 8O

    Hope this helps :D

    P.S. Did you meet her down Med Hat? Is she 32 stone?
  4. sorry i wasnt to clear to begin with my bride to be is in uk i have been with her for years.
    i would like contct numbers and or emails for seme if possible
  5. See my previous post --->Click Me

    (Previous post was about mess kit but they do No.1s too)

    Thats at Arborfield. If you need rlc No.1s I think its just a matter of changing the buttons and collar dogs, anyone else confirm???

    P.S. Les Cooke is/was yer man there, dunno if he's still about.

    Oh yeah,
    Dont do it in a hot country, you'll sweat your nads off! 8O
  6. RLC RHQ should be able to point you in the right direction as regards numbers etc, but the QM's Dept at Deepcut hold No1 dress for loan just for this sort of thing.
  7. ok any contact numbers for rlc hq or wesite addresses. or ven deepcut qms contact details
  8. This is probably a rant worthy of it's own thread, but I must admit to being a tad disappointed at the RLC not being issued No. 1 Dress of our own. At a recent Company function (I'm attached to RMP) they all tipped up wearing their No. 1 dress, while the attached arms (Chefs, Clerks, REME) had to wear our ginger suits. It looked f*cking pants and, needless to say, I didn't buy the photo. Any official MOD source who blames the cost of issuing us all No 1 dress as being too high can kiss my spotty arrse. And I'm not buying my own either. One army, one uniform. End of rant.
  9. 20 Sqn in London- Regents Park Bks is the place. They are RLC and hold all No1's for ceremonial stuff for the troops down there.,
    i went down there, spoke with BOWO and got a pair on loan.
  10. yes mate go to regents park.......PM me i will give you the contact. Also i have a pair anyway that if you are same size you can take off my hands for a crate of magners
  11. yes mate true got mine from there for 30 pound for the week.
  12. Are you sure this is right, richie? I got married in No 1s (RAMC) and I wore a peaked cap. In fact, there were 22 squaddies at our wedding (RAMC, REME, RCT, RE and RA), all in No 1s and all with peaked caps.

    As you can imagine by the mention of RCT, this was a few weeks ago. Actually, the wedding was delayed a bit by some geezer running around doing the national inventory for the Magna Carta, so maybe things have changed since then.

  13. RLC Junior Ranks, Sargeants and Staff Sargeants wear a beret in all forms of uniform including No1 & No2 Dress. WOII's get a Blue Peaked Cap.
  14. Aah, gotcha, Mike. Thanks for that, mate.