No 1 Dress HOW TO.....Help needed

I have for my wedding no 1 dress, sword with white belt and gold braiding. How do i wear it?????????
Pics would be helpfull..........
G30ops is right. Personally I wouldn't bother but if you want to wear it it will depend on if the sword belt has a frog or slings? i hope you didn't spend alot of money as if you look in the classified ads i have a better one for sale.

The scabbard sits in a frog and hangs vertically down your leg

The slings attach to the rings on the scabbard and are slid around to the correct position. The rearmost is worn somewhere around the arrse the front one somewhere around your leg.

I am informed that it is easy to trip over the sword if not accustomed to it.

where what you want mate it's your wedding, although I wouldn't approve of qualificaton badges or rank that you aren't entitled to wear. I know where you can get a busby.
Contact 238 SIg Sqn Chelsea Barracks, London try 94631 4591 and get the right advice. Then in years to come you won't look a plonker on the wedding photos. They do uniform loans as well. :wink:

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