No 1 Dress for WO1s

Anyone had to investigate No 1s for REME WO1s? It is for a wedding...mine. I know, don't say it. Anyway, confused as to white belt or Sam Browne. Can not find clear direction in JSP 336. REME Corp Instructions not overly helpful either. Will be with George boots.
BernardMcCabe said:
Officers and WO1's wear the sam brown. All other ranks wear white belt. Trust me Im an RSM!

You were an RQMS on the 9th Feb? Or have you just got the big badge?


You are correct, there are many misleading instructions regarding the wearing of the Sam Browne, JSP 336 says you can wear them while the Draft Army Dress Regs for the REME say:


Officers: issued Sam Browne belt polished with dark tan shoe polish.
ORs: white courlene plastic belt with Union Locket and a REME anodised metal other ranks capbadge fastened to the centre of the plate.


Male officers: George Boots (boxed for adjutants and field officers, who wear spurs). Boxed Mess Wellingtons can be worn as an alternative.
Female officers: shoes black service (Gibson). Black court shoes when not on parade with troops.

Male OR: black ammunition boots.

Female OR: shoes black service (Gibson).

At the end of the day, wear what you think looks best, of all the wedding photos i have seen over the years (including mine) they are all different, and i don't think it is an offence that will get you in the Tower of London!

Never trust an RSM who can't spell Sam Browne!


i'm not an RSM but i am at the Tower of London!!!

wear what you want its your day, your not marrying my ex wife are you?

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