No.1 Dress for Army Cadets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Harry Paget Flashman, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. My ACF Company is in the process of forming a Drill Team to perform displays at public events in our local area.

    The idea is that they will perform alongside our Corps of Drums who are kitted out in No.1 Dress and so we would prefer to kit them out in a similar uniform.

    Does anyone know of a 'pool' of such uniforms where we could sign them out on a long term loan (we have people who can be held responsible for this) or is there a unit anywhere that would be prepared to donate some (we have a small fund to make a reciprocal donation to a unit welfare fund or similar if this is the case).

    We have cadets badged RA, RE, R Sigs, Para and RLC eligible for the team so we would expect to have to change the badges and buttons to suit the individual cadet.

    Please PM me or post here if you can help.

    (Dons bone dome and awaits incoming flak for posting about cadets in this area ;) )
  2. You can have mine....

    I am 6'4" and weight 16 stone.
  3. Do they actually do blues in tiny sizes? Are your cadets selected for this drill team going to be the taller ones?
  4. The vast majority of the cadets will be in more or less adult sizes. CF yours would be of use, most grateful for the offer (if you're serious, please PM me).
  5. The Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover holds a large stock of blues in boys sizes. The stores there are run by a couple of old ex-squaddies so it might be worth dropping them a line. The school's an agency of the MOD so you never know.
  6. My bold - but not for very much longer.

    You could also ask the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane.
  7. Nah, not serious Harry. I'm only 5ft 6 and 13 stone....

    But I'll have a ask around and see if there are any going.
  8. What is No 1 dress? do you mean No 2 dress, ie the brown/fawn/khaki battle dress type uniform?

    Sorry, ive always been lost when chippy mobs mention No 1 dress, to me its No 2's, and I dont mean a dump.


    That to me is no 2 dress, but I know that many call that No 1 dress.
  9. Am I just being a loon or does he have his Sam Browne cross belt going over the wrong shoulder? Mine goes over the right shoulder (ie the opposite side to the medals).
  10. Also, do WOII's not wear the rank on the right arm only?
  11. Surely he is a WO1 otherwise he wouldn't be wearing a sam browne? I originally thought the picture had been flipped but then the medals didn't make sense. His trousers also seem very long - adding to my belief that he is either not a regular or is in borrowed kit.

  12. Sorry mate, my lot have a WOI with a huge arm badge on the upper right, WOII are small badge as per pic lower right arm, chippy mobs always confuse me with crappy badging :) sam brown or not
  13. The Same Browne is indeed over the wrong shoulder (there's a regiment of lancers that wear it over that shoulder if memory serves).

    WOs do wear rank on both sleeves though, but would wear Offcier pattern Service Dress rather than No.2s as seen here?

    Gren, that's not the kit I'm after anyway, it's the blue high-necked uniform I'm looking for.
  14. I have been trying to get some No.1s for a band but I have got two hopes........... Bob Hope and No Hope.

  15. Oh right, so you mean blues? No3 dress?