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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by SoULWiz, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Help needed!

    I have been asked to be part of the Guard of Honor at a mates (HAC) wedding . What are the rules governing the wearing of No 1's and where can I source one, preferably hired. Do I need to get permission?? Cheers
  2. I believe you need to speak to the QM's Dept at Worthy Down and get them on temp issue.

    They should be able to guide you with regards to rules for wearing etc.

  3. Thanks
  4. Im going to be in a similar situation later this year, whats the rule of thumb for whether you wear 1's or 2's?
  5. It all depends on what the groom and best man are wearing (don't show up groom on his day), also what he wants you in
  6. Alright, im acting as father of the bride (as he isnt around).

    They have said twos are fine.

    is that black uniform the Rmps number 1 as i will hopefully have heard something about my transfer by then.

    Thanks for ur help.
  7. If you mean the blue one then yes.

    If you mean the black one then what are you talking about Willis.

    Also the plural of Police is Police, not polices, therefore we are not RMPs. :wink:

    Good luck on the transfer.
  8. Too kind RBB, too kind by half...

    If Sappi wears RMP number ones we shall have to report him to the Walt police. Or polices, whichever he prefers...
  9. lol RPC from seeing what you have replied to others ive finally (although it damaged my ego; what was left after our last encounter) realised i cant win with you, it seems i cant even ask a few questions (even if they are wierd as you stated).

    RBB the above link shows the uniform i was on about, i thought it was black.

    please excuse the error in my english. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Yes that is No:1 dress.