Nitrogen filled tyres

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Tom9748, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Having just booked the motor in for a tyre change I was offered a nitrogen fill to inflate the tyre.
    Supposedly it can give up to 25% longer life to the tyre and around 5% better fuel economy,it costs £1 per tyre.Obviously any future top ups would have to be another £1 a go.Has anyone used this? Pucker or a load of fadish bollocks?
  2. Go for helium. Makes your car lighter.
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  3. Bit of a bastard when the car flips onto the roof though.
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  4. COSTCO use nitrogen when they change tyres on my Corsa, included in the price of the tyres.

    I don't think it makes much differents.
  5. Ask them if they do hydrogen tyres.
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  6. It works but then so does checking/correcting your tyre pressure more often.

    Basically, it works because the nitrogen fill escapes slower than a conventional air fill so your tyres retain correct pressure longer.

    So you have a choice, pay a pound per corner or carry out the checks and routine maint you should have been doing anyway but were too lazy.
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  7. Kwik Fit filled mine and it made no difference whatsoever. Save yourself 4 quid and buy a copy of Razzle instead.
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  8. Ignore the bollocks about corrosion. When did you last replace a tyre because it went rusty? Never? Me neither!
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  9. Dont buy Razzle its shiite, Get a couple of beers with the money and log onto the Hun (not on a work computer obviously).
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  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    If you butter the underside I believe your car will just spin for eternity never actually touching the ground..
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  11. If I were selling the idea it's brill: fuel economy, safety, reliability, performance, all for £1 a corner. A free lunch almost. Remarkable. Quids in.

    Helps reduce pressure loss
    Helps reduce corrosion
    Tires run cooler
    Increases tread life
    Can help increases fuel mileage
    Helps prevent uneven wear

    Otherwise it's a complete and utter load of ******* bollocks. Air's 78% Nitrogen anyway, for a start. The General Gas Equation takes care of most of the claims, decent steering geometry, appropriate driving techniques and decent maintenance the rest.

    Conclusion: Complete and Utter Load of ******* Bollocks. Keep your money.
  12. I had it done a while back and really I say stick with air and check it more often!
  13. My Bold

    You can if you work from home :)