Nite Watches

I've been looking into buying a Nite brand watch. So was wondering if anyone out there could tell me if they are any good or if anyone has had any trouble with them?

Thanks,in advance.
I brought a mx10 last year before going on Op Telic 8, had no problems with it. Does what is says on the tin.
How are those Nite watches during daytime?
I Bought the NITE MX10 and was well impressed with it, Then i Bought the NITE MX 20 as it has a bezel. Great watch for the money. I got mine from They also threw in a free watch compass which was great... i recommend the watch and the dealer!!
Along with four colleagues, I bought a Traser watch (branded differently then) in late 1981.

Over a quarter of a century later (FFS!!), mine is still in flawless operation, and all theirs have given up over the years.

Mine only ever had one very slight problem, and it was put right by return-of-post, despite being years out of warranty.

I've recommended Traser to everyone ever since, and they say their after-sales service (very rarely required) is quite outstanding.

My two-penn'orth, FWIW . . . . . .
I have just bought a new MX-10 for £74.95 - absolute bargain as they are normally aroung £150.

Apparantly Nite have just launched their 2007 models and have off loaded a load of their "old" stock.

Well worth a visit.


Been using my MX10 for just over a year now. Works very well in both very hot and very cold climates as we get both out here in Canada.

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