nissen huts

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Detmold_Drunk, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Having just been through the thread on Bks in BAOR.About the same time in history we had Nissen huts.Crap i know ........................but I have a strange nostalgia for them.Especialy the woderful coal burning stove in the middle.The Nig always got the bed nearest the door,and had to get the coal.Happy days! Anyone agree?
  2. reinsahlen camp soltau ... full of the bloody things as was renny lentley camp plymouth...cultibragen camp scotland..spent many a cold night in them and they always stank...and leeked when raining..
  3. Is Renny lentney still there? lovely place. What about reinsahlen? was it demolished? I beleive one of the old camps in Scotland has been handed back to the local community under some sort of initiative - might be cultibragen as it was very old and used to be a POW camp in WW2.
    I reckon you could market holidays and gear them towards all these re enactment groups that are springing up - 'as the authentic military experience'....can't say I'm nostalgiac for em, though.
  4. Nesclife had them, Oh the memories of waking up with frost in your hair
  5. Nescliffe STILL has them! Marvellous things that they are.
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    They've got big gas heaters now, takes the fun out of it a bit. NOT.
  7. Karaolos Camp, Famagusta 1960 . We were in Nissen huts that had been used as POW huts in WW!.
  8. Nothing was as warm as the stove with half of chimney red hot.You can't make toast on a radiator either.

    AAJLR Tonfanau camp,59/60.
  9. reinsahlen camp Saltau? was that a transit Camp for Mech training
    Once did an 2 week exercise up there in some Nissan Huts in the late '70s (DWR)
    fcuk me it was Baltic!! I think it was either in Feb or March
    We lived in the nissan huts and had wood burning stoves in the middle..
    a proper Stalug Luf IV
    We organised escape committee's and started tunnelling......
    we would put plates of steel over the chimneys to smoke other huts out.. Hee Hee (we were bored OK!)
  10. Still very much in evidence at Bodney last time I was there, and they're the proper USAAF ones too.
  11. Feck me brownhat, I thought i was old?( Rhyl 65 ):lol:
  12. HA! I went there 2 years ago (give or take) and they didn't work!

    and it was all itchy scratchies that week....

    I may be a young slip of a lad, but i've been in them things... not something all that many others (lads/lasses of my age) have experienced I assume?

    and hasn't capel curig in north wales got them as well?
  13. I remember them at Carter Barracks, Bulford, early 1970's when 3 Div HQ & Sigs were 'Strategic Reserve'. If you could get the firebricks out the entire stove glowed red!
  14. Nothing wrong with Nissen huts, especially in comparison with Spiders. Nissen huts were so cosy, much easier to keep warm and much easier to keep clean.
  15. In the US, after WW II there was a shortage of housing for returning veterans and some cities and towns bought surplus USN Quonset (i.e. Nissen) huts to erect housing for the veterans. As a child I lived in Rye, NY and I remember walking past the veterans housing on my way to school. The huts always looked dismal. I can recall feeling sorry for the people who lived there. In the late 1950's the NY Throughway was built in the area and permanent housing was provided. It must have been a miserable place to raise a family.