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Nissan Qashqui "Intelligent Fob" question.

My wife has a 2008 Quashqui. It went to a mechanic yesterday for a minor job. When he returned it, he locked the steering lock.
She has had it for about 12 months, and prior to this we have always used the "intelligent fob" to unlock via remote control and as long as the fob was in the car we could start it. The mechanic has done something which I cannot understand.
Now the remote still works to unlock, but I cannot turn the rotary switch to start the engine.,and I have to use the key. The key is tucked into the remote and I always assumed it was a backup to use if the battery in the fob gave up.
We have three fobs, two will not allow the key to turn.
WD40 did nothing.
Nissan in Hastings could not answer the question. Any thoughts? Is there some sort of reset to put it back how it was?


Try depressing the brake, pushing the rotary switch in while waggling the steering wheel.

Or use the fob which does work.

If disconnecting the battery make sure you have all the security codes for your car radio.


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I know my last car when the battery was changed needed a lap top plugging in to marry them up. Battery disconnected or changed?


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