Nissan Qashqai ... any good

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by exblackrat, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Do any of you have a Qashqai, is it any good. I am due to renew my motability car very soon, and I need something that gives a comfortable drive and can survive the streets of London, cheers in advance
  2. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I looked at the cashcow and found it underpowered with a lack of main dealer interest. Used one from London to Scotland and found it averagely comfortable and a bit bland on the interior.
    Ended up going for the Mitsubishi ASX3. Far better torque, excellent mpg (between 55-70), good extras. Higher up seating for better all-round vision being a crossover. Worth a look at IMHO.

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  3. I had a Qashqai and I had a quite a bit of trouble with the engine. The engine used in them aren't Nissan engines they're renaults, and we know Renaults aren't as reliable as Nissans.
    Although maybe I just got a generally shit one
  4. I bought the wife one 2.0 petrol never had any bother, but noticed it started to rust like hell underneth so traded it for a BMW 1 Ser

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  5. Cheers Guys, much obliged, me thinks I look elsewhere
  6. Survive the streets of London? What is there to survive?

    For what its worth, I looked at several cross-over type vehicles as I needed something that would survive the Scottish Highlands..ended up with a Subaru Outback (to match all the farmers, landowners and fishermen around these parts!), but, I also drove the Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Sportage and the Hyundai IX35. I would say value for money the Hyundai winds hands down. £21, 595 for the top of the range one, 47.9 mpg for the 4wd version and a 5 year warrenty. The Kia comes with a 7 year warrenty!

    The Mitsubishi shares its DNA with the Citroen C-Crosser..which is cheaper. Not sure how much Citroen makes its way into the Mitsubishi.

    Have you thought of the newer Freelander? Its actually a very very good town car thanks to its shape. Very little sticking out so its easy to park and less prone to losing wing mirrors etc.
  7. I am on my second one, current one is a 2ltr deisel 2wd with the option to go into 4wd and I love them. A decent high driving position, comfy seats good visibility, handles the road well. I havnt had a thing go wrong with them. I would recommend them to anyone. The 60 plate has a new improved engine. Take a test drive and make your own decision as cars are a personal thing as you may just by sitting in it find it uncomfortable, or really comfortable, and there must be something good about them as they are at present one of the biggest sellers in the UK
  8. Remember Renault running gear aviod like the ******* plauge.
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  9. Not much headroom I thought. I am near on 6ft and needed to consider the Acenta to get the panoramic sunroof as it gave me an extra inch due to lost headlining. Visia roof was brushing my head. There are some very good deals at the moment on Nissan servicing packages though. Plus its made here so you'd be keeping a Mackem in a job

    Have you considered a Kia Sportage? Noticably more headroom, similar size, 7 yr warranty, more toys as standard, better looking car in my opinion - perhaps a little less visibility out of the back window. Mechanically it is very similar to the Hyundai Ix35
  10. Beggars trying to wash your windscreen?
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I had one as a courtesy car when my proper 4x4 was being serviced. Same issues described as above. I disliked it very much. Also everyone who travelled in it commented on how it made them feel car sick due to the bouncy ride.

    Shame really I quite fancied getting one for the wife. I still reckon the best small 4x4 hands down is the VW Tiguan.
  12. Mate had one as a Motability car, and it gave him no end of trouble, including leaving him stranded when the immobiliser spat the dummy. He got a Nissan Note instead, and it's been A1 so far.
  13. Tried one on for size due to stupid 6'5" height... it didn't fit; more relevant for sensible height people is the fact that the back seats were "like sitting on a park bench" and the ride is not a comfortable one at all.
  14. Oh..forgot to mention the Skoda a search on in YouTube for Skoda yeti in the snow...pretty bloody impressive really.

    Only issue I have with them is that in black they look like a pimped London taxi.
  15. Like your style!