Nirex, available through the system or should I fork out a fiver for my own ?

and if through the system would that be stationary or qm's ?
You in a wishful mood today Polar69?

Spend some money ya tight git! ;-)
Dev , you're Scots , I'm living in Yorkshire. What is there to not understand ??


Problem is if I buy one I'll either lose it or someone will proff it
Buy Nirex...the pusser's ones fall apart and split. If you write on the "talc" it doesn't clean thoroughly. No, funnily enough I am not the UK Sales Director of Nirex...
The wife's business will have A4,A5,and A6 nyrexes plus DPM covers for the larger two sizes on offer within a few weeks...

(I hope such a blatant plug doesn't offend moderation rules!)
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