Niqab and hot pants protest in Paris

All that is missing in them being whipped and beaten about the body with sticks by the Mutaween/Basij/Wilayatul for daring to show an ankle.


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I love the way their eyes have been fuzzed out to protect their identity!!!:thumright:
In my 'really nice' part of south west London, all the 'children' (makee-learny crims) now wear Moslem dress - more especially the troublesome ones, who a year or so ago were wearing 'shag-bands' and very little else!

This entire Moslem thing is a 'running goat-fvck'; a total shambles, and I bet it will end in gallons of spilt blood!

Who can explain to me why all these Moslems flock to CHRISTIAN nations?

Why do they not flood to Indonesia or Bangladesh or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran? How about Sudan or Somalia?

A cynical side of me says that they come because of: free education*; free health services; free housing; free transport; free speech (unless it is against fvcking Mohammed); free fvcking everything - all paid for by taxes that many of these foreigners never, ever pay!

Thank you Blair and Brown and your team of hapless hopeless twerps, who thought it would be jolly good to 'max out' the 'Benefit System' and so dilute the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic indigenous population, that it could never oppose Labour again.

* - they are welcome to what passes as 'education' in the state system today - again thank you Blair you charlatan!


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Reminds me of the Crab bar in RAF El_Adem" customers not wearing ties and socks will be refused service" you can gues what happend next

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