Nips Raw and thighs that Kill/Miss Arrse using machines...

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by hellfyyr, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Well here we go, girls your secret porn ring remains secret!

    How about a few posts for the boys?

    pictures to

    I expect at the very least the porn ring girls (slug in particular :oops: ) to take part...

    Cmon guys, lets start the petition
  2. I think we should start a group too, MOD help would be nice and the usual suspects should apply:

    etc. etc
  3. can i play please?
  4. The more the merrier people...
  5. Good luck.

    I can confidently predict that you will attract zero interest.

    Stand by for that email address to be spammed out of existence, btw. ;)
  6. oh me to please
  7. ill be in on the action like to play too
  8. So far lots of boys playing together 8O but have any girls expressed interest yet? :D
  9. Sorry but the girls are really busy with paint shop pro!! :lol: :lol: Impressed with the title of thread btw, seen something similar .............. :wink:
  10. Come on girls, you get to "play" and yes I have sent my pictures in to yours.
  11. you know it ain't gonna happen
  12. whats this l about im new to the arrse crowd whats happening can someone fill me in please
  13. trying to persuaide women to post pics on here but no joy
    their is also a thread that wants us to send pics of us men and thats very populer
  14. Hellfyr, if you'd rather set up a special gmail account, as the girls did, PM me and i can set you up.

    The girls will prove to be all talk and no show I think. Too bad.
  15. right boys the girls are obviously not going to start this so why dont we call on the help of the true professional miss kathy west to start of the pics im sure if all the boys ask her for a pic she might just break the barrier