Nipple piercings and other "boddy art". WTF???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trans-sane, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Deffinately!

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  2. Could be talked into it

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  3. Maybe if I get REALLY drunk

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  4. Never, even if I live to 101

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Many arrsers have described me as a sprog on numerous occasions. Some have done so in a derriding fasion, some in a complimentary fasion (these are usually certain arrse maidens, possibly trying to get into my pants). However at the tender age of 26 there are a number of things that I consider myself far to old to try (in some cases try again). Examples include Sambucca (minging god awful shite), absinthe (didn't know I could HOLD that much vomit...) and swamping myself whilst sober.

    However one of the top "don't try this" things on my list has to be getting a nipple (or any other body part) piercing. I am now far too old and sensible to do something like this while pissed out of my box, never mind still sober. So WTF did I see three blokes in the gym changing room with them who (charitably) had at least 10-15 years on me? One was grey and balding FFS!!! Is this the latest thing of the middle aged man in denial when his mid life crisis kicks in???

    So I put it too you men and women of arrse. To pierce or not to pierce in middle age.

  2. Piercings on males in general, unless for a laugh are a sure 'hom' indicator of the highest order.

    Why do 'rude boy' chavs think that having 2 giant hoops hanging from one ear look's good? Or a fecking plastic diamond ear stud - it's beyond me. All it does is give me something to tear at when they try it on in a club.

    My 2 pence worth anyway.

  3. Gayness should not be tolerated
  4. Never never never never never never going to happen to me. End of.
  5. [NAFFI mode off] If there's anyone out there looking to join up soon who's thinking about getting a prince albert, FFS don't do it, or at least don't declare it to the medical staff at ADSC! It's the reason I couldn't get in to the regs, and why i'm only a stab.

    [NAFFI mode on] Bunch of lemon puffs, live a little! Piercings are for winners!
  6. Sounds as if someone is trying to talk himself into something!

    Litotes :D
  7. Dont get a nipple piercing. You'll wanna tear the facker right off either through the shit you will get, or through how annoying the little bastards can be.
  8. Any man that has a piercing is a poof and any woman that has a tattoo is a tart.
  9. No thanks!!! :lol:
  10. I used to have my nipples and tongue done. Tongue was done for a bet, and must admit the ladies did enjoy it. Got my nipples done because a friend was training as a piercer and I let her practice on me.
    Took them all out now though, but Im not adverse to it at all.
  11. What are you doing looking at other blokes in the gym.... you f ucking iron hoof.

    did you notice if any of them had a prince Albert?

    I bet you wanted to cup his scrotum and call him "Daddy"

  12. I have 3 piercings. Granted I got them before they became fashion, and a bit of a novelty.

    I have my tongue, my left nipple, and a prince albert.....the birds love them!

    I also have 7 tattoos, and am therefore double hard :) Edited to add, not whilst in the mens changing rooms etc!
  13. got a prince albert had it for years and god knows how many tattoos nothing wrong with that
  14. I remember when I was on annual camp many years ago seeing one of attached regular army cooks in the wash house and noticing what I thought was a huge bruise on his back. On second glance it turned out to be a tattoo of the Last Supper in garish yellows and purples. Obviously a religious man.

    Anyway tattoos are fine where appropriate; on soldiers, sailors, truckers, dockers etc. On middle class girly students though? I think not.
  15. yeah but they're all of your ex boyfriends names.