Nipple Monday 2013

Give the crappy weather this spring (it snowed on Easter Sunday here) I have been wondering when nipple Monday will happen, if ever.

It was sunny today, but nobody fell for it.

So, any guesses as to when this great day will arrive? I'm going for two weeks from now.
Male or female? 'Cos I went out this morning without my coat on and, boy, let me tell you, I could have had someone's eye out!
Go talk to Jarod. I mean wimmin!
Fucks sake, too late to add a qualification now pal. Picky cunt.

Trowel - Doubt - no pikkys, 'cos I don't want you feeling inadequate. Or turned on.
Quite a few in Nice (France, as opposed to Biscuits) today.

[coughs modestly, despite his set-jet (and mildly dyslexic) lifestyle]


Book Reviewer
I used to look forward to Nipple Monday but now Margaret Thatcher is dead I suppose I shall have to get another hobby.
Up here, we've had a couple of weeks of clear skies with sunlight blazing down for 12-14 hours each and every day to the extent that you can feel it warm on your skin and yet the air temperature is still fucking freezing. When did the laws of physics cease to operate, then? When I were at school, adding heat to something WARMED THE BASTARD FUCKING UP!!!!!!

I blame Thatcher. There's no heat because Satan's preparing her suite and needs it all down there.

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