Nippers nose bleeds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 22, 2007.

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  1. My sprout (three yr old) keeps getting nose bleeds.....

    I haven't punched her, well not in the face since Christmas and am curious what could be causing it. It can't be excess cocaine (its out of reach) and my Black & Decker Nostril drill is out of order.

    Any suggestions, both serious and ludicrous helpful, been to the quacks this morning and he has given her a tubigrip and stuck a stethoscope on her bunghole.

    Naturally I'm worried as the electricity bill for the tumble dryer is getting steep and short of filling her hooter with plaster of paris before bedtime I'm at a loss

    Help please
  2. Stop sticking your knob up it? 8O
  3. It is common for children to have occasional nosebleeds. Some may even have as many as two or three each week and while they may be frightening, they very rarely cause serious problems. Nosebleeds usually occur when your child's nasal passages are dry or irritated from allergies or an upper respiratory tract infection. Rarely, a blood clotting disorder can cause frequent nosebleeds, but your child will usually have other bleeding problems or easy bruising and other family members will have similar problems.

    During a nosebleed, while your child is sitting or standing, have him lean forward and put firm pressure on his nose by squeezing the lower half of his nose. Keep firm pressure for ten full minutes and then release your hold and see if it is still bleeding. If the bleeding hasn't stopped, apply pressure for another ten minutes. Call your physician if doesn't stop. Be sure to keep pressure for the full ten minutes and do not stop early to check to see if it has stopped.

    You can prevent nosebleeds by treating allergies when necessary and moisturizing his nasal passages by placing some vaseline inside each nostril or using a humidifier (but this may make allergies worse). Also avoid aspirin and encourage your child to not pick his nose.

    Your doctor may check for an abnormal blood vessel or growth in your child's nose if the bleeding persists or may do blood test to check for a bleeding disorder if one is suspected.

    It is important to remember that nosebleeds aren't very serious and it is unlikely that your child will loose enough blood to cause any medical problems.

    Sourced from here:
  4. could be a labotomy done by a electronic toothbrush......I had a problem with "piles" .....used the said elecronic toothbruth.....was later diagnosed with tonsilitis!!!!
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    My four year old get them from time to time (last weekend in fact). I also used to get them quite regularly. I put it down to growth and delicate blood vessels. People say that its because children play with their nose, but my son's happen at anytime not just in sleep. I think that it is related to rapid growth in young children as well as blood vessel weakness as, as I said, I used to have them, but they stopped which would suggest that the vessels strengthened and/or the stress upon them lessened. I had a look for evidence to support this hypothesis on google, but found none. Not a medical opinion, but I think the rapid growth of young children in early years could certainly be a factor.
  6. Use to have this problem when I was younger. Take them to the doctor and they will inspect said nippers nose. Cant remember exactly what they did but it involved a chemical on a cotton bud up the nose that seals the vein or area that the bleeding comes from. Painless and has worked for the last 25 years. However have started sprouting large nasal hair. Dont know if this is a side effect or im just getting old.
  7. It could be a type of hay fever: see if child-friendly antihistamines do anything to stop them.
  8. You could look at this as a business opportunity and start milking her... I'm sure the split links would pay good money for fresh 'baby round eye' juice
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd check the nasal passages for things like coins (that's what I had up my hooter), sperm, syphilis or toothbrushes.

    Alternatively, and I know you've denied it, but try hitting her elsewhere. The stomache is a good place because the bruising is hidden by clothes.

    Let me know if you need more help (I've got a large boot and can fit up to 8 small kids in it.
  10. My son had a similar problem. Gallons of the red stuff would pour out regularly. Took him to the doctor, who said that the only cure would be to have the ruptured membranes cauterised - but this had to be done while the bleeding was happening. "Next time it happens, rush him to A&E where they'll do the job and Bob's your uncle."

    The next night, son starts his nose bleed, so we charge off to the hospital. "Take a seat" they said, so we sat there for three hours. By the time we were called to the treatment room, son had run out of blood and we were told "Can't do anything about it, the bleeding has stopped. You need to bring him in more quickly."

    Next night, when son started pouring again, we rushed even faster to the hospital, but were still faced with a three hour wait. "Can't do anything about it, the bleeding has stopped. You need to bring him in more quickly."

    Well, we tried on numerous occasions to get to the hospital faster, but to no avail. How can I live with the guilt that I feel from just not being fast enough?
  11. When I was a kid I had the same problem in the summer time. When ever I stayed with my Gran she would insist me to stick vasoline up my nose. Not sure if this had any effect but I grew out of it by the time I was 7 or 8 years old.


    You could just trime your daughters claw like nails before she picks her nose?
  12. Go back to the quack and get a referral to an ENT Department, MDN.

    The blood vessels lining the inner walls of the nose are very close to the surface, since they also have the job of transferring body heat to the inhaled air and thus warming it before it reaches the lungs. As such, they're very prone to bleeding anyway.

    Nose-bleeds like this happen to practically all kids from time to time and it could be something quite simple, but the fact that they're recurring in your little daughter could also be a sign of something which needs more investigation.

    Don't let the quack fob you off on this one, either.


    E2A. It's highly unlikely that it's a bleeding disorder (hemophilia), since this is restricted to males.
  13. Do it yourself next time with a soldering iron.
  14. bleeding out of holes - tampax or any womans products with wings on - please be aware though- ensure your child can still breath during the night, and usual side effects may mean they want to roller skate or bungy jump out of bed in the morning.
  15. I don't think so. He's bigger than me now. Still, next time he staggers in singing at 3am.....