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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bossyboots, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. I am looking to buy Mr Bossy a Nintendo Wii for christmas since he keeps mentioning that he would like one.

    However as i dont play video or pc games i'm a bit stuck. I went on a Wii website, but the prices vary. One was £174.99 with 3 games then a little further down one was £249.99 with 3 games. I dont understand why?

    Also, does the console come with one of those stick things that you use to play it with ( like they show you on TV ) or do i have to buy that seperately?

    More importantly, are they worth paying out hard earned pounds for or is his PS2 just as good?

    Any advice / opinions welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bossy,

    I have got one and they are most definetly worth it in my opinion.
  3. I've got one and they are bags of fun. Only problem is I find myself shouting at the screen while playing tennis.
    Average UK price with six games is £179.00.
    its worth investing in a second remote and nunchuck so you and the boss can play together (Fnah-Fnah)
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If you got offered a Wii for £175 with 3 games, i'd rip the thing out their hands. A standard going rate is £170ish for the basic console, prices increase depending on how many games are bundled with it.

    The "stick thing you use to play with it" is indeed included, (The Wii Remote ;) ), you also get a Nunchuck (the other half of the interactive remote, essential for some games) I'd recommend purchasing an extra one of both (the Wii supports up to 4) because its better for multiplayer.

    As for the Wii itself - its a brilliant piece of kit. If you want fantastic graphics etc etc, then get a PS3 or a 360. But if you want some genuine entertainment, get a Wii. (I don't work for Nintendo, honest!)

    Its worth it for the fun factor of the dynamic remote alone.

    Edit to add: I see from the above post, that prices may be dropping further! Shop around!
  5. Bossy the top £175 3 game wii from your shortcut is the basic wii with just wii sports. There are others on that page that are confusing the search.
    The next couple are more representative of typical prices for boxes with 3 games. Those quick comparison places are all well and good but you still need to read the small print on the sellers pages before committing to buy.

    It'd still be a nice toy though.
  6. Thanks for your replies so far. Much appreciated.

    So in short i need 1 console, 2 stick things and a couple of 'nunchucks' and they come as a complete package?

    As well as some games. That tennis one looks ok?
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yep well worth the money. My Mrs bought one a few months ago and while I've never been a console junky in the past it's an absolute scream.

    I think it comes with one remote and nunchuck. A second one is not that expensive but well worth it.

    The wii sports with the tennis is ok. The boxing is a laugh, you end up sweating like a rapist so it will keep you fit too :D
  8. Buy one now. Not for Christmas.

    I spent almost £300 decking mine out and it's absolutely ace. Even the Women like the games!
  9. I would advise against getting your Wii chipped, if it ever tries to update itself overnight it could lock itself out.

    Also, chipping funds terrorism.
  10. OK, the basic package comes in at at around £179 RRP. This includes:

    1. The Wii Console
    2. One Wii wireless Controller
    3. One Nunchuck (an enhancement to the controller - only used in some games)
    4. Wii Sports CD (this is a set of mini games including tennis, bowling, baseball etc)

    I would recommend you also get 'Wii Play'. This gives you another set of 'mini games' but more importantly another wireless Controller. This costs only a few pounds more than a controller by itself so is well worth it. IIRC it's about £30.
  11. Nunchuks are about £20, but harder to find than Madeline McCann.
  12. Instead of buying an extra Wiimote get Wii Play, you get a Wiimote bundled with it.

    Once you play it, you'll be hooked!
  13. This thread is all about the consoles but has anyone thought about the games, there are hardly any decent ones around, ditto for the gamecube and the DS , nintendo has been going downhill for years, the last decent system was the N64.

    The games on nintendo systems are mostly film licences and kiddy games, and of course about a million sh1te Mario games.

    My advise is get a good PC for Emulation, and get a 360 for next gen gaming.

    I'm waiting to see if the wii has any decent games coming out before I make the mistake of having another £200 lump of nintendo plastic with no games to play on it.
  14. Thanks again for the response everyone.

    Now i'm armed with the information that you gave i can start shopping around for the best price on one.