Nintendo reveals Wii Zapper

They showed a prototype at E3 last year. Can't decide if I prefer the looks of that one or the prototype:

Found a couple more, not sure who's making them though, the pages were taking too long to load, so I just grabbed the pictures.

Thsi one above looks quite good, it looks like they've integrated a nunchuk into the handle to look like the hammer of the gun.

The orange one doesn't look like it's for the Wii, it looks more like someone has dredged up an old image of a light gun.
people say that gun crime is getting worse in the UK with kids killing kids, they blames it on shoot-em'-up games, but now we are giving them target pratice with these?? they look like real guns and are to be used the same way as real guns, point, aim, shot... is it jsut me or do other people thank that letting kids play with these using them the same way you would a real gun a bad idea?

on the otehr hand, they look great, id have one, but not for kids!!
SparkySteve said:
And a third offering, this time from Joytech:

I remeber seeing something orange floating around t'interweb as well.
Think I prefer this one, need to get some money first before I can get one though, oh and some more games 8)
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