Nintendo DSi ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sc_obvious, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. It's the kids birthday in a few weeks and was looking at picking them up a Nintendo DSi - is it worth it or should I just get them a DS Lite ?

    I have also just found out about Homebrew for the DS - can this be done for the DSi as well ?

    Any recommendations for Homebrew devices/set up would be appreciated.

  2. depends age of kids if young get a ds - price should drop down

    homebrew - just google
  3. Googled and kind of got bamboozled by it ! There seems to be loads of different configurations of software/hardware and was just after a pointer on what it is all about. Is there one download that does everything or do you have to download different homebrews for different things ?
  4. i have a ds lite and a R4 cartridge you simply download the games from roms sites onto a mniSD card that then goes into the cartridge i have about 20+ games on mine with room for a load more
    much better than spending £20+ per game as i believe the R4 with a 2gb miniSD card is only in the region of £20 itself
  5. R4 is the way ahead they even loaded the patch onto the SD card for me.
  6. The DSi has an internet browser which can be used to look at porn so you might want to put parental controls on if you get one. Or not if you fancy watching some filth while the good lady is watching corrie
  7. If you want a ds for the kids i would recommend the dsi
    For yourself the ds lite and a R4 cartridge
  8. Fuck off Chubb. I had hoped you'd died in a freak yachting accident.
  9. They stopped updating the firmware for the R4 a year ago so new games are hit and miss unless you patch them which i aint sure about. There is a better card that plays all but the name escapes me at the min.
  10. My Mrs who is not PC Literate can use the R4 and has never had a problem loading games maybe she is just lucky and has the right kernals (sic)
  11. Is it true that you can't use the games you play on an R4 with a DS Lite with a DSi ?