Nintendo DS Question

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sc_obvious, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. My kids have a DS each and are trying to link them wirelessly to play each other. Does anyone know if they both need the game they want to play each other on or can they get by with only one copy of the game ?

  2. both need the game
  3. I believe you both need a copy of the game in each conbsole to link wirelessly

  4. yes without both of them having the game the best they can do is type and draw pictures and send them to one another
  5. Cheers fellas - that was faster than I expected for a Friday night.....

    Edited to add: Sh!t thats another £20 for Christmas.
  6. It depends on which game they are playing, check the instructions for details. My kids have a few games that they can play against each other with only one actual game. Cartoon network racing is onethat springs to mind.
  7. My daughter has a *cough* chipped card *cough* and she can play her mate on ds with only one copy of the game. She has it on her card and her friend doesnt' have the game.

    Try explaining to a six year old that driving half a mile away will end the game though... :x
  8. Yeah keeping meaning to evaluate these cards, what they called again
  9. don't forget you can play Game boy games on a DS for cheaper gaming and I've heard tales that you can get it chipped so it will play lots of games that can be downloded directly onto the DS

  10. Correct.
  11. Correct

    The card you want is an R4 revolution, you dont even need to "chip" the DS. Buy it here

    Dont forget to buy a micri SD card aswell.

    Then once you have it go to

    Or so I have been told, not that I would condone it. I would much rather give nintendo £30 for the same game they sell for $20 in the states.