Nintendo DS flash cartridge

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by skintboymike, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Although I know this forum is aimed at PC Gaming, I thought it may get a better reception than the NAAFI.

    I have recently heard of a cartridge which can be inserted in the games slot of the DS, which can stores hundreds of games on. If this is indeed true, do any fellow ARRSEers know where one could acquire such an item? Price, memory and other general info also appreciated, thanks.
  2. That tells me what it is (cheers), but has anyone actually used one? Your link mentions the words 'homebrew' a lot, but doesn't go out of it's way to describe the types of games available. Am I to assume that these will only play and store crappy 8 or 16 bit games, or is it possible to copy real DS games over to them?
  3. I bought one thinking it would be an easy way to get images/videos etc on my DS. Nothing but a pain in the arse though!
  4. i have one and they play ALL DS games on them you can get either 1,2 or 4gb memory cards, i also have 8 dvds with virtually every ds game on them that you can transfer on to them
  5. Ditto - can play any game you can get a copy of.

    I got one from Gadget Asia and it works fine.

    Helps that a collague at work has a full DVD of games that I have copied. Watch out for VAT charges on delivery. Don't select Fedex delivery option as this is how I got pinged. Still not too expensive for the value of the games I managed to get hold of and transfer onto it tho'.
  6. You can buy them at Amazon, R4 Revolution Version 2 is what you want.

    I bought my wife a 1GB card and she has had no problems with it. Works with every Rom she has tryed on it.
  7. I agree.
  8. Where could one acquire such dvd's? Just curious :eek:
  9. Sounds like a plan. What brand have you got? Also, DesktopCommando mentioned the address for the bittorrent and ROM, are these the ones you use or is there another source?
  10. Serch torrent "nintendo DS" then take it from there. Or ask sandy if he'll do you a copy for the cost of a few pints and blank media ;)
  11. I have now got the R4DS and about 40GB worth of ROMs, and I have to say I'm left a bit overawed by the whole thing. There are hundreds of games, and there's no way I could play them all in my lifetime. (Properly anyway).