Ninjas rescue Sydney mugging victim

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, May 21, 2010.

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  1. OK, I know it's got fuck all to do with Arrse, but this is funny:

  2. Bad drills on the ninjas' part, being seen like that, shocking.
  3. I just had a picture, in me head, of Rodney and Dell Boy running out the mist, while I read Mister Soto's description. :D
  4. Why? Where did he mention Rodney and Dellboy?

    If I were to mention Scooby Doo, would that make you think of them also?

    You're strange.
  5. So that's what Auscam is up to these days then? Dressing up as a ninja and poncing around, trying but failing to lurk in the shadows.
  6. Helps him sneak up on the koalas dont ya know.
  7. I was crestfallen to hear that this wasn't a troupe of burkha-clad vigilantes ;)
  8. Reminded me of: Dave and Dell Boy 1:58 onwards.
  9. I'd have had those poofters if it wasn't for the ankle fetters clanking and giving me away! :x (plucks a nostril hair in frustration)
  10. I was working!
  11. I can't see youtube at work, but I assume it's the Batman and Robin bit? I got what you meant.
  12. Scooby Doo would have been up for it, what with those huge paws and gallons of slobber.
  13. Just like a...

    waaaaaaaaait for it.....

    waaaaaaaaaaaait for it..

    KOALA!! ding ding :D
  14. Shhhh.... Koala's need their rest y'know. Especially after being kept up all night by a certain amorous Aussie with a camera and a giant party size tub of Vaseline.
  15. :D :D