Ninja sent to kill Bin Laden :)

I think that we can safely say 'deranged'. A real ninja would never have been caught. However, I think that he sould be allowed to continue his mission.
soldierboy7999 said:
absolutely fix world peace with one slice :D
If only it was that easy, not!

The easier option would be to nuke the area which has been favoured by many on arrse, but hardly a very diplomatic approach.
maybe he is just a decoy for the "real" Ninja's!!! creating a false trail and all that......!
Saw this on the news this morning mid sip of my coffee... :D
King_Chimp said:
maybe he is just a decoy for the "real" Ninja's!!! creating a false trail and all that......!


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He had with him, in his arsenal (fner fner) the 'Good Book'.

Basically, God told him to do it. Which is alright then. Yeah.

I presume he was discreet about his motiviations and intentions to have survived this far:

Yank Loon said:
Hi mister, ahm from de United States of America good buddy, yo, and the good lord has sent me on a mission of the highest importance to the people of our freedom-loving country. Ahm here to kill, sir, yes, kill, with my sword of righteous justice, the man I have come to call bah many names, Bielzabub, Satan, the Devil and others, but you may know him as 'Osama Bin Laden'. Ah can see from the black, dusty towel around yo head that you are too a man of the cloth, so perhaps you could direct me to him, and then y'all have a good day sir.
I am going with 'balls of steel'. What makes you think that a Californian builder armed with a Bible and a sword would be deranged????
He'll have a hard job as Bin Laden's been dead for a few years now... 8)


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Whoever the guy is, it is pretty safe to say he fits the bill of what this website calls "ally". Having the motivation to do this thing and have the nuts to carry it off to the extent that he was damned near the place where the so-called shaykh is holed up when he was caught is pretty impressive to say the least.

And there are no prizes in thinking it will make a reasonably good Hollywood B-movie into the bargain.



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At least Mike Golden and his trusty sidekick Mong are still at large and no doubt closing in on Bin Laden and sending constant sitreps to Sir Jackson even as I type.
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