Ninja cooking!

I was watching 'Sunday Brunch' when up popped an advert for a combined air fryer and pressure cooking thingy, called a Ninja Foodi. I was intrigued and so did a bit of Google Fu on it - seems brilliant. There are only two of us, so it looks like it might save some cash (after the initial outlay) as against having the oven running for hours!

So my question is, do any of the ARRSE collective kitchens have such a device? Does it do what it says on the box, ie, roast chicken in half an hour or so? Is there a 'best' model to get?

Appreciate all and any replies!


It looks like a combination of a pressure cooker and a halogen cooker. I've got both (individually). Use the halogen all the time instead of the oven. Hardly use the pressure cooker at all.
I wouldn't feel safe leaving the house whilst one of those things was running...unless it was German engineered.
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