Nine years, not nine days

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 2, 2006.

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  1. I thought the voters were focussing on his government's '9-year' record:
    1997-2006 : massive investment in NHS - yet still in the red and laying off staff.
    1999-2006 : 1,023 foreign criminals lost.
    19?? - 2006 : Prescott preys on junior staff.

    The only thing that's happened in the past 9 days is - YOU'VE BEEN CAUGHT!
  2. Nine years is too long for any one party to be in one power. The govt is naturally lethargic; this effect not being party specific. If I was their desk officer I’d be looking to post them… the other side of the house. Now if only Cameron can convince us he is a credible leader of the opposition and serves principles as opposed to voters’ whims.
  3. Prescott prays on staff???? Come off it.

    It takes two to have an affair remember. Have a look through the NAAFI etc and look at the number of people that either have, or have considered, having an affair.
  4. But, surely it takes a special/unusual sort of woman to consider having an affair with John Prescott, Crabby??
  5. You'd get less time for GBH. Nine years Hard Labour.......
  6. To compare morality from the NAAFI to the House of Commons is not possible. The Deputy PM has placed himself in the spotlight pursuing a very high profile public career whilst preaching not only to the opposition, but also to the Great British Public about morality. To be in a position of power/rank/privilege and to embark on extra marital relations is an abuse of position. The same ethos is stated in the Armys Code of Conduct.

    To sum up, I call it hypocracy. He should be called to account for it. Bliar enjoys being surrounded by his cronies and if Two Sh*gs was to resign, I have no doubt that 6 months in the political wilderness ( as with Mandy Mandelson and Blunkett ) and he would be welcomed back in to the party with open arms.

    No creditability with these creatures.

  7. Alexandra Wood said

    Two points

    1. Impeccable timing by Mr Prescott. :D
    2. Don't think anyone in the Naafi produces leaflets like Home Pride. :D
  8. Tough on sleaze...erm, that's enough election promises....
  9. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of c*nts.
  10. There was a letter that summed it up perfectly in the Telegraph today. Someone who tells someone else to bugger off is uncouth. Someone who thumps people is thuggish. Someone who cheats on his wife is an adulterer. Someone who preys on female staff is a bully.

    Should Great Britain have an uncouth, thuggish, adulterous bully as Deputy Prime Minister?

  11. True, however, when one of them is the deputy prime minister and could be running the country, you need to have some trust in what he is saying. How can i trust him to do something he has told me, a stranger, he will do, when he told his wife he would be faithful etc and is happily going behind her back!

    Though, hopefully his professionalism will carry him through. I do believe you can have the work side and a home side to a personality.
    Now you get to the issue of misuse of the public purse. He should have been a bit cleverer than that to try and cover it up, he should have made sure there were no traces etc and to the job properly, thus he should resign his job based on incompetence!!!
  12. I didn't know he was that religious. I bet those Holy Water stains are a bugger to get out.

    Of course if he preyed on staff then that would be different.

    And far fcuking worse.
  13. [​IMG]

    Crabby, this is a bird of prey.


    And this is a bird of pray.
    I use the word 'bird' rather loosely here.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    No honour - the concept is completely alien to them.

    Blair lacks the cojones to shed embarassing lightweights.

    This is the most venal and incompetent government in my memory.....
  15. I had to have a little laugh to myself when I recall one of Labours manifesto statements, promising an end to sleaze. 9 years after we have had Mandelson abusing his position, Blunkett abusing his position, Alistair Campbell leaving the party under a cloud, Livingston in and out of the party, Galloway in and out of the party, Jowell, Hewitt, Prescott and Clarke refusing to fall on their swords. A Government without integrity or any sense of decency. The country is being strangled by political correctness and those hiding behind the HRA. What a laughing stock we must be to the world. It makes me fekking sick.