Nine US Troops Killed and 20 Wounded

Rest in peace my airborne brothers...

G2 I've heard jives with an ambush initiated with a VBIED followed by small arms and RPGs... squad hit was wiped and elements responding were delayed by accurate fires from security elements.

These hooahs were doing the daily passive walk through town to win hearts and minds thing. Obviously not an effective technique as none of the locals they have been chatting with and handing out goodies to saw fit to alert them as to the presence of tangos.
Poor b*stards. RIP.
Simply dreadful news.

RIP the fallen.

Thoughts and prayers with families, colleagues, friends and the injured.
All American!

RIP Lads.


Book Reviewer
fellas stand down, job done
RIP Brother Paratroopers!

Meet you on the big DZ in the sky!

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