Nine police officers investigated over killing of 22-year-ol

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Nine police officers are facing a misconduct inquiry over the investigation into the stabbing of Peter Woodhams seven months before he was shot dead.

    The Old Bailey heard the young father was knifed in the neck and slashed across the face, and afterwards subjected to a campaign of violence and bullying.

    Teenager guilty of killing young father Peter Woodhams

    But no one was ever arrested over the knife attack and in August last year the 22-year-old was gunned down outside the east London home he shared with his fiancee Jane Bowden and their three-year-old son.

    It came just hours after Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair boasted in an interview that the capital was returning to an era of neighbourliness and low crime, with residents happy to leave their front doors open.

    Following the murder, Miss Bowden claimed she phoned police every day for five weeks following the first attack but officers never took a statement from her.

    Scotland Yard has already conducted its own internal inquiry and apologised for "any hurt" the stabbing investigation may have caused.

    A senior officer working on the review said there appeared to be "very serious concerns" about the way it was conducted.

    Now the Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating five detectives and four uniformed officers following a complaint from Mr Woodhams's family that their initial inquiry had not been "thorough".

    All nine remain serving police officers although one transferred to Derbyshire Constabulary before the complaint was made. None was involved in the subsequent murder investigation.

    They include some who attended the scene of the stabbing and others involved in the inquiries into the incident.

    The IPCC investigation is "drawing to a close" and is expected to be complete before this summer.

    In a statement, the IPCC said: "The Independent Police Complaints Commission is conducting an independent investigation into the way that the Metropolitan Police Service investigated the non-fatal stabbing of Peter Woodhams, which occurred on 21 January 2006.

    "Following the murder of Mr Woodhams on 21 August 2006, his family raised concerns that the police had failed to conduct a thorough investigation into the earlier stabbing.

    "The IPCC decided to conduct an independent investigation into the family's complaints.

    The IPCC investigation is focusing solely on the way the MPS investigated the stabbing incident, and is not examining the murder investigation.

    "Nine officers are subject to the misconduct investigation.

    "The IPCC investigation is drawing to a close, and it would be inappropriate to comment further prior to conclusion of the investigation and the notification of the outcome to interested parties."

    A miserable and sad affair. :thumbdown:




  2. GOOD!!!

    The police should be held accountable for their pathetic 'investigation' into this case. A poor young man and his family were subjected to a campaign of fear, intimidation and violence, but the police did little to help.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Agreed. There are lazy useless tossers in the police as in any other organisation. Its just sad that the results of said uselessness was so tragic. String em up I say.
  5. The Chief Constables need charging as well for turning what was probably the worlds best Police Force into a hideous, Politically Correct Police service with more emphasis on "minority" causes than looking after the vast majority of the public who pay their wages!!
  6. Would appreciate a spot of local knowlledge from a Londonistan PC. Is it a culturally diverse area full of "morally challenged" scamps?
    My understanding(ie fcuking limited) was that Old Bill had stopped policing "dodgy" areas in case the locals got upset and called their lawyers.
  7. I'm not a MET officer but i like going to dodgy places and getting in the faces of the sh!t, it's always good fun as they generally don't expect you to treat them with the same contempt they reserve for you.
  8. I see Seagull. So you go to rough bits of London, when off duty, and spend quality time abusing the locals. You're not armed by any chance, are you?
  9. Greater Manchester bobby by the sound of it. :)
  10. PC Straightbloke!
  11. Shades of Stephen Lawerence?