Nimrod's gone

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by tropper66, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. The BBC have said that the RAF have stood down its Nimrod MR2 fleet today this means we have no ASW/SAR assets until the MR 4 comes on line in a couple of years time, another MOD screw up
  2. That bloke down the pub said that the new SAS berets are made from an inferior quality of pubic hair. The effect on operational output is massive.

    Moral of the story? Don't believe everything you hear/read shit lips.
  3. Actually for once, Trooper's correct. Binning the MR2 has been on the cards for months. A mistake IMO, but this's what happens when the MRA4 are years late and there's no budget left.
  4. Well according to the MOD and BBC they stand down today leaving us with 2 flying Nimrods XJ514/515 which are the only MR4s flying and not due into service untill 2012
  5. Nimrod withdrawal 'puts lives at risk'
  6. Not to mention the efficacy of a submarine based deterent.

    Utter madness.
  7. Putting more presure on the Herc fleet, really good bit of planing that
  8. Do try and keep up:

    "The RAF’s fleet of 11 Nimrod surveillance aircraft, one of which catastrophically burst into flames, killing 14 servicemen in Afghanistan in 2006, is to be withdrawn from service by March as part of a range of defence cuts announced yesterday. Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, denied that the decision to axe the Nimrod Mark 2s a year earlier than planned had anything to do with the crash of Nimrod XV230,"

    The Times December 16, 2009
  9. This is the first time we've been without a dedicated fixed wing MR capability since the Great War, and are now (in all likelihood) the only 'major' military power without such. Another great innovation from your favourite island nation.
  10. No Carrier based Air defence fighter either......

    This Government really is beneath contempt
  11. Good, always hated Elgar.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Thought I'd jump in say "Yeah StabTiffy2B, who's the sh!tlips now, eh? Howd'ya like them apples huh!?" Yeeeaaahhhh!

    I thought we really needed this particular asset to continue flying because it had very similar ground movement-tracking capabilities to the Apache, thus exceptionally useful for following insurgents about and watching attacks on FOBs unfolding; or do we now have sufficient quantities of Apaches and UCAVS to negate that need?
  13. pardon my ignorance but is there really any role for nimrod now anyway?

    ok so they do maritime patrol, for what threat? and do we not have a navy to protect our waters?

    and regarding SAR theres sea kings for that, and surely foreign airforces can assist with nimrods role regarding SAR, both the norwegians and dutch have orions for maritime patrol
  14. I always thought he was one of the sons of Noah
  15. I remember in the late 90s being told that overstretch in the British forces does not exist. The source was in a position to know.
    I suppose it's true, that which does not exist, in this case the Nimrod force, cannot be overstretched. Sorted.