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  1. News keeps quoting Nimrod spy planes to be axed....

    What exactly do they mean?

    R1, the RJs or something else?

    edit... Christ... MRA4??? Are they ****ing mad?
  2. On their bulletin at two o'clock, the Beeb announced the cancellation of the above mentioned aircraft and the closure of the RAF base at Kinloss. Serves Scotland right for not voting CMD. May that man die of something really painful.

    RIP Britain's defence.

  3. That has to be the maddest decision in the whole sordid business. Although there's some pretty stiff competition I must admit.
  4. The R1's are supposed to be gone by March next year, there are only two left anyway as one was withdrawn a few months back.

    I seriously doubt we will get the MRA4.
  5. What the hell are we going use for maritime reconnaissance? It's quite important, what with being a island and all that? How can they do this without explaining how the capability gap is going to be filled?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Its a £3.6+ billion project that's getting scrapped.

    If scrapped its game changing...!!

    Anyone name a developed country without maritime reconnaissance platform...!?!?!?!?

    (In August that a Russian hunter-killer submarine had tailed the Trident boats from their Faslane base shortly after the previous Government retired the Nimrod MR2’s earlier this year)
  8. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    So no maritime recon, sod all frigates and a 65000 ton target.

    Makes you wonder what the point of keeping the deterrent is?
  9. Without Nimrod I doubt our deterrent will be maintained, at least not as a SLBM.
  10. Being a maritime imbecile (just like those in power it seems), I thought our boats were awesome and quiet and therefore would just 'lose' the russian boats when they got to deep water? Couldn't we use some of our attack subs to protect the missile boats on their transit to sea?
  11. Nimrod MRA4-

    Anti-Submarine Warfare
    Anti-Surface Warfare
    Search & Rescue
    ISTAR capability
    Thales Searchwater 2000MR multi-mode search radar
    Constabulary roles around the UK waters including counter drug operations
    Carries an extensive range of weapons and equipment in the bomb bay
    Gathers, processes and displays up to 20 times more data than the MR2.
    Equipped with more than 90 antennae and sensors and contains over six million lines of software code.
    Able to fly 6,000 miles or 14 hours without refuelling and can scan an area the size of the UK every 10 seconds.
  12. For those of us abroad we can watch the SDSR statement at 15:30 using this link:
  13. A spokeswoman for the MoD said that the work of the Nimrod would be carried out "by a variety of different aircraft, fixed wing and helicopters, which carry out the role that the Nimrod currently does".
    She added: "They will be tasked as appropriate."

    What will they do - throw out a couple of lifebelts out of a Hercules?!
    And as for tracking potentially hostile subs - have we given up on that particular task completely?
  14. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    " Couldn't we use some of our attack subs to protect the missile boats on their transit to sea?"

    We do already but you'll need at least a couple of SSNs and without MR they are pretty much blind. We don't have a huge number of SSNs to dedicate...

    This is imbecilic if true, without some form of ASW capability our subs will be tracked, recorded and vulnerable.
  15. Ask the Irish Air Corps for the loan of their CASA probably. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.