Nimrod loss

Gez Bell and I never saw eye-to-eye. He could never understand why I wanted to get away from the 'Rod and hide in bushes for a living; I, on the other hand, could never understand why he didn't want to get away from the 'Rod and hide in bushes for a living.

Ain't no party like a Crew 7 party, Gez. RIP, mate.
Went on board Nimrod at Luqa thank's to my old man. The crew were excellent and showed me around everything. The lads use to bring back Fiat spares from Italy. Was also at St Mawgan, Rest In Peace.
Whilst I cannot begin to understand the grief you are experencing, a BoI taking longer than 9 months is by no means unsual, even when evidence did not have to be recovered from hostile territory.

Any crash investigation is an exceptionally complex thing; I'm sure you'd want the Board's work to be thorough.

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