Nimby neighbours war with SSAFA - WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by RoyalAnglianMum, Jul 16, 2007.

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    It is often the first port of call for servicemen and women returning home after being wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Soldiers who may have lost limbs or suffered severe trauma spend months rebuilding their lives at Headley Court military rehabilitation centre.

    But when an Armed Forces charity decided to buy a £ 1.7million six-bedroom house nearby so visiting relatives would have somewhere to stay, the well-heeled neighbours in Ashtead, Surrey, launched their own offensive.

    This is unbelievable............................ Well maybe not in this day and age. :!:
  2. Hmm, on the face of it this is appauling. Only time will tell if this is the real story in full.
  3. Not much you could add to that. Leaves you speechless.
  4. This really makes my blood boil. For Christ's sake - Security worries???? I really can't believe some people.
  5. The giveaway is in the banner at the top of the page - The Daily Hate. This story neatly combines their fetish for the housing market with rabble-rousing stories (i.e. lies) about the Forces.

    Supposition, unattributed quotes, 'unavailable for comments' etc. I'll have to read it somewhere else before I believe that even an inkling of it is true, but if it turns out to be so then it is pretty shoddy.
  6. they should go and see what the troops do for real and maybe they would change their minds, the selfish twats......
  7. Comments sent.

    Disgusting behaviour by a bunch of tosspots.
  8. Don't forget the 'ghastly' terrorists. Not our sort of people at all!
  9. This makes my p1ss boil!!! These feckers are a lower form of life than some of the chav scum we all hate so much. Malcolm Webb is a complete kn0bber and sounds like the sort of "man" who would capitulate on anything to save his own arrse.

    I hope the Mole Valley Council approve planning permission.

    On a point of interest, do the objections have to be made public? Might be interesting for IFF purposes :twisted:
  10. The real scandal about accommodation for the families of patients at Headley Court is that this house is having to be bought by a charity, after years and years of the MOD failing to provide any facilities.

    The locals who have objected in this matter are beneath contempt - a close second to the politicians and MOD lickspittles who have allowed the situation to arise in the first place.
  11. Typical of the rich, dont want the dirty squaddies mucking up there nice clean street.
  12. The objections should be a matter of public record, complete with names and addresses.

    Wealthy and selfish. Welcome to modern Britain.
  13. Residents' association chairman Malcolm Webb, a 58-year-old oil executive, denied residents were 'nimbys'.

    "This is just the wrong place and the wrong property," he said. "Some are concerned - in these awful days when these ghastly terrorists go after the softest targets - about the security situation."

    Anyone who uses the word 'ghastly' - and especially in the context of terrorists - is, well, pretty ghastly themselves. 'Tommy this and Tommy that' is just as prevalent amongst the smug golf/tennis playing classes as it is anywhere else.
  14. Selfish lot. Damn those "ghastly" terrorists
  15. If it's true, and with SSAFA making a statement it could well be true, it's a very poor showing from the locals.

    I feel an email coming on to the local councillors

    Local Councillors

    Sensible ones only though please. Ranting won't help, and that Resident's Association may not be the one mentioned in the article.
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