Nikon Df with Special Edition AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G

I'm seriously looking at this to use with old Nikon (manual) glass.
For the asking price it is rather disappointing - the D610 focussing module,
and the lack of interchangeable focussing screens being (for me) two of the main draw-backs.
All that being said it is probably the best choice albeit pricey for a 'manual'
digital Nikon - the sensor [from the D4] is superb.
If you are looking for an AF digital camera with video then for a similar price the D800
is hard to beat.
I'll update this post if I bite the bullet and go digitally retro.
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That's really nice. Just don't make the mistake of thinking its a real F3 and you can tap someone on the side of the head with it.

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